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Insurance Companies Want NOTHING to do With These Experimental Vaccines & Call Them Out For What They Are. Will NOT Cover for Any Damages Suffered For Those Who Undergo “Experimental Treatments”

These are the types of things that you can shove into the face of an over zealous employer who may be trying to force a vaccine on you.

The pharmaceutical companies and Federal government aren’t the only ones who want absolutely nothing to do with any liability associated with these vaccines. How can you be so dumb as to STILL seek out one of these useless jabs that aren’t even vaccines to begin with when literally NO ONE wants anything to do with being held responsible for any of the negative health effects that may arise? The insurance companies are refusing to even name any price at all to provide one with coverage for any damages. What does that tell you?

Insurance companies are by far the best places to look to when it comes to accurate risk assessment and unbiased analysis/evaluation. Shareholders will not tolerate their money being compromised for the sake of a vaccination agenda. If it’s risky to take one of these vaccines, the insurance companies are going to be the first ones to officially admit this and it will be reflected in the way they approve or deny claims for compensation from damages and especially the things that they will preemptively deny any culpability for. You see that they are making it very clear that they will not cover your for any damages related to one of these EXPERIMENTAL vaccines. They in fact cite the EXPERIMENTAL nature of the gene therapies as to why they won’t cover it.

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