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Another Shooting Hoax | FAKE Albuquerque NM Police Shooting

We need to make it clear to these jackass gun-grabbing leaders that we don’t play that fake shit and are not going to sit back and believe their bullshit anymore. They can continue to hoax as many mass shootings and police slayings as they’d like to but we are simply not going to buy it. Let them keep pouring resources and time into this crap. We need to show them that its all been in vain and let them know there will be eventual consequences.

Does it make you wanna kill a cop?

Source: https://153news.net/watch_video.php?v=5SK2H5NK4S42

Fake Albuquerque NM Police Shooting (VIDEO)

Sloppy CGI! You see no blood as the shooter gives a horrific head shot to the police officer on the ground. No muzzle flash when the gun is up against a tinted window. Bullet impacts on the ground in the wrong place. A cheap Obama/Biden weekly gun grab HOAX brought to you by Steve Bannon’s SCAM ROOM. When he’s promoting scams or some stupid book .. turn the damn show off. When Little Rhemus is on, promoting the George Floyd HOAX or some other shooting scam … click off. Allison Morrow, seen in the end … looks like a CIA or FBI scammer. This video could have been done a lot better. I just don’t have time to mess around with all the crap. Hopefully you got the gist of the phony garbage.
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Duration: 03:24
Date:  2021-04-23 09:07:09
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