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COVID19 Vaccine Shedding is HAPPENING AND REAL | Insurance Companies & Disability Providers REFUSE to Cover or Treat Those Who Get Covid Gene Therapy “Vaccines”

Like I said before when discussing the previous story on insurance companies refusing coverage to those who got the jab, insurance providers cannot afford to be dishonest in order to accommodate any damn agenda. Insurance providers are the leading global experts when it comes to assessing risk. The way they go about providing coverage and distributing claims has to be firmly grounded in reality. The shillistic news publications can cry all they want about how baseless they believe these positions taken by the insurance companies may be, but that’s not going to change the stone cold reality of their risk assessment. If these insurance providers are refusing coverage to and denying claims from anyone who gets the jab, that should tell you all you need to know. Those guys cannot afford to be political. If the Federal government and pharmaceutical companies are refusing liability then OF COURSE the insurance companies are going to follow suit. They want you to get vaccinated but NO ONE wants to be held accountable for anything that may happen to you after the fact.

Insurance Companies Want NOTHING to do With These Experimental Vaccines & Call Them Out For What They Are. Will NOT Cover for Any Damages Suffered For Those Who Undergo “Experimental Treatments”

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