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Ron Wyatt – Tower of Babel Photographed in Turkey – 1996

I had known that there were all sorts of fascinating archeological remains in this region of Turkey that has since been purposefully flooded via the construction of a dam. But I had no idea that one of these sites was very possibly the remains of the Tower of Babel. The pictures that Ron Wyatt had taken while flying over the region in an airplane are stunning.

Ron Wyatt – Tower of Babel – 1996


Ryan Vinter | Aug 14, 2019

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This is the information that I found regarding the true location of the famed tower of Babel. I lean towards this as the true location however, the area is currently underwater because of the dam that has been built. The best time to visit is August when they release some of the water from the dam. There have been reports of the tower above the water. But any further information would be much appreciated. Google Maps/Earth 37°43’47.4″N 38°56’54.9″E – I think Within 50 kms / 25 Miles If this is the wrong site, I wonder what this is then? I am open to the idea as long as if fits the Biblical description. Using the Bible to find Bible stuff makes the most sense. I will probably delete comments for those who want to argue as you can do that with Kent Hovind here:…




The Tower of Babel

The “tower of Babel” is a very important subject even though the account given in the Bible consists of just a very few verses. The discoveries of the last 150 years have shed tremendous light on the Biblical account and shown how completely accurate it is, but the one thing that can “pull it all together”, so to speak, is …Read More »

Evidence for Man’s 1st Home in Turkey

The Evidence- Man’s First Home in Turkey It all began in Turkey- here was where mankind was reborn so to speak. Remnants of the numerous and varied nations which all were “born” when they were divided by the confounding of the language, can still be found here: “Turkey has so many archaeological sites that no one has yet been able …Read More »

Evidences for Babel

“Setting out to Build a City and a Tower” For Noah’s family, the time eventually came when a large group decided to leave the Araxes Valley. Traveling westward, the people set forth until they came to the plain that they decided to call home. We don’t know how many or who were included in this group which built Babel except …Read More »

Summary of Ron’s Evidence

All searches must begin with a plan and Ron’s plan was simple- just locate the area where the Euphrates River intersected with the southern edge of the Taurus Mountains in south central Turkey because he had noticed the enormous plain that was in that location. From there, begin to look for very large “tells” located near the river. His search …Read More »

Major Civilizations After Babel

The Major Civilizations after Babel Everyone, even the non-believer, is certainly familiar with the fabulous ancient remains found in Egypt and Mesopotamia, especially Sumer where the ancient city of Ur (NOT Abraham’s Ur) was found. But little is heard of the incredibly advanced civilization that arose in the Indus Valley in present-day Pakistan and then simply disappeared. It is from …Read More »

Advanced Knowledge Possessed by Earliest People

Optical Lenses and Eyeglasses If we go to our encyclopedia or history books, we read that lenses, be it in telescopes, microscopes or eyeglasses, are an invention of the last 400 to 500 years. Yet, there is evidence that early man had these devices long, long ago. In archaeologist Layard’s book, “Nineveh and Babylon”, chap. viii, pp. 16-7, he tells …Read More »

The Ice Age an Earth Divided

(First published in newsletter # 15 in April 1996) Where Does “THE ICE AGE” Fit In? That there was an “ice age” cannot be denied. But how did it come about? And WHEN? For me personally, this was one of the most crucial questions of all when examining the story of the flood and the chronology of the Bible. There …Read More »

“Myths”of the Americas

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Babylon is Fallen, is Fallen!

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