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Must See Documentary Series: ALARMING – Do Not Take CV-19 Vax or PCR-Test Until You Watch This. Or Don’t. It’s Your Life. Not Mine




This series of videos that I came across on the BitChute channel “DemonHunter” belongs right alongside my other “Must Watch” videos relating to the Coronavirus hoax and the diabolical plans that were set in motion upon its initiation.

These latest videos(I only embedded the latest 2, there are a ton more) go into even greater depth and cover all the intricacies of this hoaxed public health crisis including a breakdown of all the major players, organizations and exposes a timeline that goes much further back than most realize. They have been planning this for a long while and are proving all those supposed “conspiracy theorists” who predicted this Orwellian power move to have been right on the money. Wake up. If you’re reading this you are either WAY awake already (if you’re a regular reader I know you’re as awake as humanly possible) or you are at least on the right track.

The act of finally busting through your cognitive dissonance blockade that’s been constructed from a lifetime of indoctrination is not an event that is going to come about instantaneously or from watching just a handful of videos and indulging in some casual light reading. It’s a commitment. But if you truly care about discovering the truth truth, no matter how uncomfortable those realizations end up being, then you owe it to yourself to take the time to look into these things in a meaningful way. I have lost an alarming number of friends and have been disowned by several family members since taking the stances I have. So it’s up to you to decide what’s more important to you. Your overall comfortability or actually standing for truth and safeguarding the sanctity of your status as human being who can still claim autonomy over their own beliefs and physical body. I know all this “truth” talk can come off as cliche, but I have found it to liberating and my overall psychological health has drastically improved since I made the decision not to allow convenience or social acceptance to get in the way of my world views. In the end, it’s no more cliche than going around squawking mainstream media talking points and labeling any non-establishment viewpoint as a “conspiracy theory”. Easily the most misused/overused word in the English language. You’re better than that. You can think for yourself.

Not everyone has the stomach to be as outspoken as I am about such contentious topics. Nor would I expect everyone to be able to wear the missionary hat that I do and stand up for their principals by wreaking havoc out in public via your refusal to wear a mask and constantly boasting of your unapologetic unwillingness to submit to the lunacy that is transpiring around us. We all have our own ways of expressing ourselves. I know not everyone has the stomach for that. But at the very least you should make an attempt to stop lying to yourself. If you need to keep lying to others to maintain the status quo of your personal and professional life, I totally understand.

I have nothing at all to gain by doing what I’m doing. Do you see any ads on this site? Do you see any “membership-only” content? This site and the personal opinions that are expressed within it, have only cost me time, money and a long list of lost friendships and family relations. I have no agenda or alterior motive unlike many of the cointelpro “ex-intelligence” agents and special interest minions who will dish out a healthy serving of truth but then mix in some sneaky deceptive bullshit when it comes time to defend whoever is paying them. Always building-up certain narratives and positioning themselves as the Gatekeepers to certain talking points, only to strategically & purposefully say something wildly inconsistent and inaccurate later on down the line that allows one of their co-conspirators positioned on the other side of the debate to pounce and begin to try to tear down and discredit that very same narrative. I don’t play that shit around here and if I end up being wrong about something, I’ll suck it up and openly admit to it.

My opinions are always fluid and uncompromising when it comes to what I believe to be true. There was a 3 week span where I thought Q was the greatest thing to come around in a while and that Trump and a bunch of “white hats” were actually about to make meaningful change and drastically improve all our lives in ways we never could have imagined. That was an embarrassing chapter, but making those kinds of mistakes is part of the process. I’ll never claim to be infinitely knowledgeable about anything. No one has all the answers and anyone who claims to know for sure the answers to any and all questions is full of it. But I will tell you what I think and show you the reasons why I came up with those viewpoints. In the end, I cannot think for you. No one can. That’s how we got into this mess in the first place. Many people choose to freely give away their free will and overall responsibility to think for themselves. Preferring to leave it up to others. If that’s how you wish to proceed then get the fuck out of here and don’t come back.

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