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Illiterate Dummy Boy Bron Bron Embarasses Himself With More Woke Banter and Proclaims That He “Doesn’t want nothing to do with no white people” | Cop Makes Hysterical Parody Video of LeBron James

Dummy boy Lebron James needs to focus more time on learning how to read and less time publicly dissing an entire demographic while hypocritically shilling for the white liberal at the same time. Malcom X would literally bitch slap that boy if he were still alive, yet Bron has the audacity to posture to the press by holding a copy of one of his books when everyone knows damn well he never read a single page of any book because he doesn’t know how to read in the first place. I’m not joking. I seriously do not think that Lebron James can read. He never had any need to. His job is to get a round rubber ball into a metal ring for his masa(Satan/the white liberal[same thing]).

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