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Sensational Footage of Lanky Humanoid Creature Crawling Up an Ice-Wall in Mountainous Cave in Austria | +Crab-Like Humanoid Filmed Crawling in Street by CCTV Cam in Costa Rica

Got 2 doozies for you here. This is the first time seeing either of these very compelling clips.


This is some crisp clear footage that I challenge any auto-debunker to provide a reasonable explanation for without embarrassing themselves. This is about as undisputable as it gets. That is very clearly some kind of non-human creature that has yet to be identified by science and based on the totally white, almost opaque coloration of its skin, is likely completely subterranean and spends its entire life underground away from the sunlight.

Source: Reddit | Humanoid Encounters | April 23, 2021

THIS is the moment a group of explorers were left confused and horrified by a discovery they made in cave believed to be over 100 million years old.

Bizarre ‘1,000-year-old creature’ capture scaling ancient cave walls by terrified tourists


The following footage from Costa Rica shows another humanoid creature that walks around exactly like a crab would. I’ve never seen any kind of creature like this in all my years of consuming paranormal footage from around the web.

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