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THE GREAT TUTANKHAMEN HOAX | The Ancient Egypt Narrative is a Joke

With all I now know about the extent to which we have been lied to about our ancient past, I honestly doubt that any of the more famous archeological discoveries that are featured by mainstream archeologists are true. Just listening to the way Zahi Hawass used to talk about the King Tut find and gush over Howard Carter had me already suspicious. But now, I am convinced that literally every single narrative that we have been fed about the ancient world is a stone cold lie. We need to start over from scratch.

They seriously probably just gathered up a bunch of artifacts they had already pillaged from all the melted buildings and put them all together in one of the rooms in the Valley of the Kings and staged the discovery. I’m starting to think all those tombs in the Valley of the Kings are fake too. Those tombs are just the remaining in tact rooms inside these melted buildings. They likely just painted a bunch of fake bullshit on the walls and created something they decided to call Dynastic Egypt. There was never an ancient Egpyt in the way they claim. It’s just the remains of this hidden culture that had been flourishing up until only a few hundred years ago.

Published on Jan 17, 2018

#Tutankhamen​, the boy king whose tomb was famously discovered in 1922 by #LordCarnarvon​ and #HowardCarter​, is arguably the most famous pharaoh in Egyptian history. Every child and adult alike has heard about King Tut, and Carter and Carnarvon have both gone down in history and folklore due to the artefacts they uncovered in the Valley of the Kings. And today, just years away from the 100 year anniversary of the discovery, we continue to learn more and more about the finds. But when you put the information together, when you logically look at the tomb of King Tut, something is clearly very wrong and I’m not talking about the fabled curse. Far from being the greatest historical discovery of all time, have we actually been taken in by greatest historical #hoax​ of all time? Images are taken from Google Images for education purposes only.

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