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“When The Buildings Cried”(Documentary) | Earth Was Once Completely Covered in Buildings That Were Melted Following Global Catastrophe (X-Factor Event)

We haven’t been lied to about some things. We’ve been lied to about everything.

This video from the UAP channel gives a good summary of and introduction to the theory presented in “When the Buildings Cried”. I highly recommend.

I am no stranger to the theory that there was a much more advanced global civilization(“Tartary”) that came before our current civilization and has since been hidden from humanity. I wouldn’t really even call it a theory anymore. The evidence for this is overwhelming. A civilization that was made up of humans that were much larger in stature and that met its end following a catastrophic apocalyptic event that destroyed most of its infrastructure and literally melted everything. This allowed our controllers to get away with our last reset event and completely rewrite our history. But this documentary takes it several steps further and speculates that most of the geological formations of rock on earth were once actually giant brick buildings that have since been melted and in turn have become unrecognizable after what he referred to as a “grid meltdown” that cooked the surface of the earth and any structure that was affixed to it. A surface that was covered almost entirely in buildings. It’s a theory that’s easy to sneer at at first, but watch the damn documentary and then go ahead and slap yourself in the face afterwards for initially acting like a pretentious jerk(if you did) for doubting something you’ve yet to even look into and give a fair shake. The evidence is pretty sensational.

If you watch Brien Forresters channel you would know that he’s constantly pointing out the charring and melting that is present on the facade of so many megalithic ruins in places like Peru, Egypt, Jordan, Lebanon and many other places around the globe. The ancient city of Tannis in the Nile River delta region of Egypt is a great example of ruins that endured this charring from some kind of cataclysmic event. Rock surfaces that show evidence of “intense or high heat” as he would say. It’s everywhere. He seems to think it was some kind of solar flare event that blanketed the planet with an intense wave of heat and killed most of the global population. While on the flip side the theory presented in “When the Buildings Cried” is more along the lines of a “grid meltdown” that was perhaps more artificial in nature that came about from either an intentional or accidental initiation of some kind of electric arc reaction meltdown that cooked the surface of the planet and all the buildings on it at the time. There’s good evidence for both theories to be honest. It further substantiates the theories put forth by “Wise Up” that many of the ancient pyramids we see around the world are actually just the very tops of what remains of collapsed skyscrapers. Ruins that were often rebuilt into the pyramidal shaped structures we see today by simply removing material from these collapsed mounds of rubble. Even the Great Wall of China is supposedly the remains of the top of an outline of a giant collapsed building. I look at all ancient sites completely differently now.

I’m still on the fence as to whether this was a cyclical(therefore predictable) solar event or an event that was artificial in nature that was accidentally set in motion by our predecessors. If all of the planets infrastructure truly was once networked together on one giant energy grid, then it’s not too hard to imagine this ancient urban sprawl being rendered to its current unrecognizable state in the aftermath of this grid meltdown. A cataclysm that heated up bricks to over 3,000 degrees (F) in order to so thoroughly melt them to the state we see these ruins in today. It may have been this natural solar event that triggered this grid meltdown in the first place. Leaving us with a combination of charred buildings from the solar flare and melted buildings from the ensuing arc meltdown.

I begin to wonder if this catastrophic event is the source of the mysterious “desert varnish” we see in dry regions across the globe. The petroglyphs that we see drawn on this desert varnish depict a particular set of reoccurring gestures of what looks like a man holding his hands up in the air. Dr. Robert Schoch has done extensive research on this topic and is convinced that these ancient cultures were portraying certain phenomenon they witnessed in our atmosphere that was caused by this solar flare event. Electrical discharge that took the shape of what looked like a stick figure with its hands raised up in the air. We find this depiction in drawings and sculptures around the globe.

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