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[collection] Doctors Around the World: DON’T GET THE COVID VACCINE! | Chiropractor closes his office to covid-vaxed

I never could have imagined that so many people would expose themselves as being a thoroughly braindead and useless as they evidently are. In a way I’m grateful that this vaccination agenda has both exposed this paridigm of unprecedented social retardation and provided a remedy for it at the same time by duping these wastes of łife into euthanizing themselves. If the rest of us are able to survive this, those who remain will enjoy a much higher quality of life and the human race will enjoy a much improved genetic pool moving forward. I guess that would technically make me a supporter of Eugenics. Ain’t that some shit? Vaxholes might as well be a race at this point. Getting rid of the dead weight isn’t such a bad thing once you shed yourself of any sympathy for these people. They’ve made it pretty easy to not give a shit. Not gonna lie. I’d applaud the Globalists for this public euthanization service if that was the only demographic they wanted to kill off, but unfortunately they want us all dead. Not just the dumbest and cringiest of the lot. I’m trying to “glass half full” this situation.

Source: https://piotrbein.net/2021/04/28/doctors-around-the-world-dont-get-the-covid-vaccine/

[collection] Doctors Around the World: DON’T GET THE COVID VACCINE!

Published April 28, 2021

Chiropractor closes his office to covid-vaxed

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