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Possible False Flag Event Being Prepared in Maricopa County AZ? “Arizona Audit: Possible Phony Fake Show at Carnival?”

This is the very definition of sketchy. They’ve been more brazen than ever before when it comes to executing these False Flag events. They literally bused-in their crisis actor witnesses in front of everybody following the Colorado mass shooting hoax. They don’t even slightly care about optics anymore. People are so brainwashed that they just accept whatever the lady on their television tells them. Let’s see what happens and what kind of despicable distraction they try to get away with pulling here in order to take the heat off the election audit that they already know is going to reveal hardcore fraud. Rachel Maddow was clearly frazzled by what’s taking place in Maricopa County at the moment. She knows what’s coming.

War Room: Rachel Maddow Is Worried about what AZ Election Audit will Find — She Knows Georgia Is Next (VIDEO)

Source: https://153news.net/watch_video.php?v=G2Y79UX661OY

Arizona Audit Possible Phony Fake Show at Carnival – 153 News (VIDEO)

Just Shining the light and making the noise again on some sketch activity taking place at the Arizona Audit.

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  • Date:  2021-04-28 23:22:17
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