BUBLUP FEEDS: Assorted Archive of Any Video, Article, Ebook or Miscellaneous Media of Any Kind That I Found Intetesting Enough to Bookmark

I know many of you are fans of my Bublup “rolls” which are simply a collection of all the content I felt was worth saving. It would be impossible for me to create an entirely separate post for everything that I find that’s interesting and want to share. These Bublup “rolls” are a quick and easy way for me to put together a feed of this extra content that’s both pleasing to look through and intelligently organized. It’s one of my favorite apps and is great for saving and organizing anything from the net. They even give you a couple gigs of cloud storage to use to upload anything you want directly to the cloud instead of just creating a link to it. I upload lots of ebooks to it. Each roll has a 1,000 item limit, so I’m on roll number 3 right now. There’s so much stuff in there that I haven’t even gotten around to watching or reading all the stuff I’ve accumulated so far. I have some more WordPress video dumps that I need to publish for you guys as well.

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