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Whistleblower leaks Ontario hospital occupancy chart (2018-2021)

Whistleblower leaks Ontario hospital occupancy chart (2018-2021)

This is nothing new to those of us who have actually been paying attention to what’s going on. Most people just mindlessly repeat what the lady on the TV says about the hospitals being overwhelmed and how all these “heroic the front line Healthcare workers” are being worked to death. When in reality the hospitals are empty and these heroic workers are actually making a neverending stream of increasingly cringy coreographed TikTok dance videos with the same damn mocking front step move, mocking those dumb enough to believe this despicable hoax. I don’t know why I think piling yet another example of this on top the countless ones I already have is going to sway any of the stubborn brain dead simpleton who freak out and continue to assert that this is a very real Pandemic that requires these continued Orwellian measures and destruction of humanity. Labeling me as an evil conspiracy theory for claiming anything otherwise. I’m not going to stop trying though. Hopefully most of them will be dead from their vaccines soon enough and I’ll be alleviated from having to deal with these sheeple for too much longer.

THEY DANCE WHILE PEOPLE DIE, BUT HEY! THEY’RE ALL IN IT TOGETHER! | And because iniquity shall abound, the love of many shall grow cold. -Matthew 24:12


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