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Is Stonehenge a Hoax? Kinda…Not Quite… Maybe…But Who Even Knows Anymore?

I’ve seen the below video circulating around social media and YouTube for some time now that insinuates that Stonehenge was actually a complete fabrication that was built in the 50’s. Many people quickly jumped in to clarify that the site had simply been restored in the 50’s and was even restored several times before that in the 20’s and late 1800’s. Several of the larger lenti pieces had to be filled in with concrete because of damage done by tourists over the years and affixed to the ground with concrete foundations to prevent them from falling over. So while on the surface this claim that the site is a total fraud seems to have been debunked. I would beg to differ and say “not so fast” to the auto-debunkers who quickly pull up the cookie-cutter explanations that are available to them on Google. We now know from all the recent Tartarian related research that just because there are pictures claiming to be from the late 1800’s that show a particular site, does not mean that those pictures are real or haven’t been altered or even actually from that period. All these early accounts and pieces of photographic evidence that show Stonehenge in ruins are “proofs” that could easily have been faked and inserted into the historical record by the controllers. Unless we can talk to some old-timers who were around before the 1920’s and can verify that these ruins were there and very much ancient, we cannot be sure of anything. We’ve found plenty examples of old structures in America that had newspapers articles written about them that the locals would have read and immediately known were blatant lies, yet we see no evidence of anyone speaking up about this at the time(e.g. San Francisco Wind Mills). So how many more times could something like that have happened with other sites? People may have been threatened with a stint in one of the psychiatric wards/prisons that they were throwing dissidents into.

So I am very much still undecided on the true nature of these “ruins”. I’ve almost reached the point of being forced to conclude that just about all of the most famous sites from around the world and the narrative to go along with them, are in fact fraudulent. Designed to throw us off the scent of what the truth about our past actually is.

A set of photos from a Russian web-site apparently show Stonehenge being built in the 1950s, rather than the more customary dates of 3000-2000 BC.


An conspiracy theory web-site Max Resistance attempts to explain the claims in English:


Was Stonehenge built (or rebuilt) in or around 1954?

In order for this MASSIVE STONEHENGE CONSPIRACY to work, the conspirators would have to avoid some basic slip-ups… for example, taking photos of the construction process, or talking openly about their work to the national newspapers and inviting people to come visit.

“Anyone who comes to Stonehenge just now in a fortunate hour may see a wonderful sight. He may see the lintel stone of one of the mighty trilithons, swathed in timbers and gripped in the clutch of a crane, dangling in mid-air over its two pillars.” (Salisbury Times, April 1920)

As the article reports, Stonehenge was reconstructed a bit in those years: visitors had chipped so many souvenirs off the trilithons that they were in danger of collapsing, so they were filled in with concrete.

More photos and additional disorganized debunking is available in this forum thread.

Was Stonehenge built in the 1950s?

It is very easy to find evidence of the sites existence from non-British sources prior to 1950.

Just to take the first couple of examples that I found


The Correspondence of Henry D. Thoreau: Volume 1: 1834 – 1848 By Henry D. Thoreau

He wrote in his journal on November 1843: “In the oldest poems only the most simple and enduring features of humanity are seen, such essential parts of a man – as stonehenge exhibits of a temple”

Carlyle and Emerson visited Stonehenge, to which Emerson devoted a full chapter in English Traits.


Roadside America

America’s first replica of Stonehenge …

Sam Hill was the visionary who heaved up this ‘henge, a wealthy railroad and utilities magnate who was also an early crusader for modern roads.

Hill bought 7,000 acres of empty land along the Columbia River in 1908. He founded a town named Maryhill, and tried to lure Quaker farmers to settle it. None came. A few years later the town burned in a fire.

In 1918, Hill surveyed what was left of Maryhill, chose the most dramatic spot (a windswept promontory high above the river), and knocked down an Inn that he had built there. Then he began erecting a full-size, astronomically-aligned replica of Stonehenge.

  • @federk: When you say “to make sure this is not a hoax”, we needed some claim to determine what the hoax might be. Photos are not claims by themselves. It still isn’t 100% clear what the claim is. The Max Resistance web-site seems to claim that Stonehenge was built in 1954 AND that there are pictures of it before then. – Oddthinking Apr 20 ’16 at 13:35
  • 8@DavePhD: Right. I am having trouble with understanding the claim, because of the spectrum between “Stonehenge was only created in 1954” (surely not a serious claim, he says hopefully) and “Stonehenge was secretly rebuilt in the 1950s, as part of a massive consipiracy for geopolitical reasons” to “Stonehenge was patched up several times in the 20th Century, but some tourist brochures don’t mention it.” to “Stonehenge has been left, pristine, for 4000 years.” – Oddthinking Apr 20 ’16 at 15:46
  • 1@Oddthinking on the same note, I’ve heard that parts of the Great Wall of China have been reconstructed during the 20th century for tourism purposes. (At least I think it’s for tourists – or was it to keep the rabbits out?) – Andrew Grimm Apr 21 ’16 at 12:16
  • 1@federk: A major problem with the fake Stonehenge as justification for British history theory is that it is not unique. There are many stone circles in Britain: Avebury (which is big enough to have a small town inside it), Castlerigg in the Lake District, Callanish on the Isle of Lewis, the Ring of Brodgar on Orkney… There are also many other Neolithic sites like Skara Brae, not to mention all the stuff the Romans left behind. I doubt that building all that (faking appropriate weathering &c) in the 20th century would be possible. – jamesqf Apr 21 ’16 at 17:35
  • 2To come in with some evidence from left-field, Thomas Hardy’s 1891 novel Tess of the d’Urbevilles, finishes with a scene involving a metaphoric sacrifice that takes place in Stonehenge. So clearly Stonehenge had significant cultural significance in late 19th-century England. Which would be a bit odd if it didn’t exist already. – Oscar Bravo Feb 18 ’19 

The photograph in the OP is by R. J. C. Atkinson, January 1958 and its caption is:

STONEHENGE, Wiltshire. Re-erection of Trilithon lintel 158 by the 60 ton ‘Brabazon Crane’, the larger of two cranes used to lift stones. The lintel is being lowered and man-handled into its final resting position on upright stones 57 and 58

While Stonehenge definitely existed before 1954, with photographs going back to the 1867, it has not been simply left to the forces of nature over the past couple centuries, but instead has been subjected to further human activity such as stabilization and restoration efforts.

See RESEARCH REPORT SERIES no. 06-2014 STONEHENGE WORLD HERITAGE SITE LANDSCAPE PROJECT ‘RESTORING’ STONEHENGE 1881-1939 for historical photographs and an explanations of modern changes to the site in that period of time and later.

Numerous references, such as Stonehenge by Malone and Barnard confirm that:

In 1958 a 60-ton mobile crane was used to restore the stones that had fallen in 1797 and 1900

And according to the New Scientist article Concrete evidence:

virtually every stone was re-erected, straightened or embedded in concrete between 1901 and 1964…

…The first restoration project took place in 1901. A leaning stone was straightened and set in concrete, to prevent it falling.

More drastic renovations were carried out in the 1920s. Under the direction of Colonel William Hawley, a member of the Stonehenge Society, six stones were moved and re-erected.

Cranes were used to reposition three more stones in 1958. One giant fallen lintel, or cross stone, was replaced. Then in 1964, four stones were repositioned to prevent them falling.

The 1920s ‘restoration’ was the most “vigorous”, says Christopher Chippindale of the Cambridge University Museum of Archaeology and Anthropology. “The work in the 1920s under Colonel William Crawley is a sad story,”

For early descriptions of Stonehenge, see the 1740 Stonehenge: A Temple Restor’d to the British Druids and the 1747 Choir Gaure, Vulgarly Called Stonehenge, on Salisbury Plain. Unfortunately Google Books omits many of the drawings in these books, but the 1747 is considered the earliest quantitatively accurate description.

Between pages 32 and 33 of the 1740 book, there is a drawing of Stonehenge dated August 1722, showing that it was reasonably similar then as now.

Stonehenge as photographed in 1867 (see second link in answer above):

enter image description here

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Max Resistance


543  Ancient Mysteries 1 day ago UpNorthOfThe49th1

This Russian website shows stunning photos of what appears to be Stonehenge being built. The author provides a detailed information about how the British government/military built this new age cult site and speculates the fact that it may have actually built from scratch or at least remodeled. The author also contends it may be a replica of the original. The pictures are stunning nonetheless.

Below is a rough Google translation of the author’s analysis.

Note: I suggest you save a copy of these photos “just in case” they disappear or the website gets conveniently shut down. You never know…


Stonehenge. Filming 1954-1958 yy
At all times, all governments (and especially outside – and nadpravitelstvennye circles) engaged in forgery. Pictures of 1954 and 1958.


The first reaction of some readers who continue to say something about the ” recess “, ” restoration” , ” replacement ” , ” ancient megaliths ,” convinced that without explanation did not do. In the early photos , ranging from the 1st , which is higher than you see white circles denoting the space for future ” megalith ” . This is the ” scope of work ” for builders . Layout object from the customer , made with lime in the wells of the blue , pristine lawn. ” Megaliths ” not pulled out as carrots , leaving no trace of this procedure.

Next, consider if the pictures closely, you will find both military and barbed wire in the area, and other details , saying that at a certain point in the future ” cyclopean building ” ancient Druid atlanto – asura- siriyanto – Aryans was protected sensitive sites . See ” customer representatives ” who are not officials , builders, workers, the surrounding residents. Has “initiated ” with some of my bookmarks and equipment. Stonehenge – ” Space Portal “, ” energy crystals “, etc., etc. played an important role in the presentation associated with the ” apocalyptic “, ” irregular ” and the rest, took care of that when tab . Until the same time the appointment of construction thereof – biological and spiritual contamination. Which is illustrated by modern photographic materials at the end of this post.


The author even provides some , as he calls them ” little known facts ” :

1. First near Stonehenge military exercises were held in 1898.
2 . From that time until the Second World War, the Ministry of Defence bought up large tracts of land in the area
3 . Currently, the Ministry of Defence owns 390 square kilometers (!) In the vicinity of Stonehenge , some of which are closed permanently to other access is severely limited . ( By Wikimapia border nearest military base – a mile from these stones to the north, and the military airstrip – 5 kilometers to the south- east).
4 . In the past, in the vicinity of Stonehenge were carried branch railway and airport, both were subsequently removed (there are other sources that the military airfield was much closer , at a distance of one mile from Stonehenge )
5 . In 1943 the village of Imber ( 15 kilometers from Stonehenge ) and village Par Hinton were evicted . In the article about Imber says that to this day the village is under the control of military
6. In 2 kilometers north of Stonehenge located Royal Artillery School , which conducts real shooting 340 (!) Days per year
7. At 9 kilometers south -east , with the military airfield , located Defence Science and Technology Laboratory , whose work is primarily classified.
8. Another 17 kilometers to the west of Stonehenge is a military base and the Air combat helicopter airport ” Apaches “
9. In the area of Stonehenge is not conducted agricultural activities because of the danger of running into a dud , which for centuries has accumulated a lot. Because of this, green meadows around Stonehenge acquired scientific value (Site of Special Scientific Interest) as are the latest natural lawns in England , perhaps – and throughout Europe .

So, to summarize :
– Stonehenge around for over 100 years – closed area , guarded by the military patrolled by military aircraft and helicopters , with daily artelleristskimi firings.
– Local residents evicted during the Second World War, under the pretext of exercises; villages took control of the military, the situation persists to this day.
– Selkohozyaystvennaya activity over large areas of the plains , where the Stonehenge prohibited
– On the territory there was an infrastructure that enables large-scale construction (including airports, railway line ) , which was later abolished as unnecessary

Perhaps a more suitable place for the construction of Stonehenge was hard to find … “

In other words, everything is clear. On the territory protected by the British War Department , consciously and purposefully been erected this ” center of ancient civilization “, ” heritage of the great ancestors ,” ” Monument of Humanity” , which became (not by itself , clearly put ) the most important religious center at least deliberately inculcated ” spirituality ” .

There is no doubt that the most ” heritage of humanity ” and ” spirituality ” , is an important attribute of this means ” heritage ” and ” science ” that unfolded around thereof ” heritage ” colossal scale their “research” one customer .

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In the following excerpt from Wikipedia they mention excavations of a pit below ground. Nothing to do with a larger massive renovation (or build) above ground.
Source: Wikipedia

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