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Leftists Cancel Trans Star Caitlyn Jenner for Opposing Biological Males in Women’s Sport

If you needed anymore confirmation as to just how vile and ass-backwards the post modern progressive left is, here’s plenty more proof for you. They turned on Caitlyn Jenner in a hurry. After all that she did for them, the community just turns on her that quickly? It shows you just how little attention you should pay to anything these people have to say, and more importantly, how thankless and untrustworthy they are. Nothing will ever be enough for them, which is why we must never cave to their demands on any issue, ever. They need to be taken down several pegs and then held there underneath Caitlyn Jenners stiletto where they can flail around all they want until they tire out and realize that no one will ever take them seriously so it’s best they just slink back into the shadows where they came from.

Just about all of them could give two shits about athletics. They’ve always hated sports. If you were to ask them why, they’d spew some mouth diarrhea about the patriarchy or some shit. They hate anything that makes any sense or may have an aura of tradition to it. They only like perversions of justice and shocking abominations like drag queen pre-teens. Which is why they don’t care if their nonsensical positions end up annihilating girls sports in the end. They want to destroy Western culture. The word “fairness” is not in their vocabulary. They simply demand that things be done their way and if you disagree, then you are peddling hate speech in their eyes. This whole routine has become tiresome and it’s time that someone put these leftist psychopaths in their place. But she won’t. She’ll cave like they all do.

Leftists Cancel Trans Star Caitlyn Jenner for Opposing Biological Males in Women’s Sport

 — 04.05.2021 00:00 Nwo Report

Source: Niamh Harris

Leftists are now attempting to cancel Republican candidate Caitlyn Jenner over her remarks about transgender athletes competing in female sports.

Many Democrats and left-wing journalists are furious at Jenner for “betraying” the transgender movement, calling Jenner “anti-trans” and “self-loathing,” after Jenner said that biological males should not be allowed to compete in female sports.

“It just isn’t fair,” Jenner declared on Saturday.

Breitbart.com reports: Male-to-female transgender model Plastic Martyr announced online to 62.9 thousand followers that Jenner is a “self loathing, vapid fame-whore that abuses her privilege & platform” because Jenner “opposes trans girls competing on female sports teams.”

“Caitlyn Jenner cannot be anti-trans, because (as any scholar will tell you) never in human history has a member of a minoritized or persecuted group turned against their own community in service to their own personal gain,” pediatrician Daniel Summers commented on the issue:

Charlotte Clymer, self-described as “Writer. Lesbian. Veteran. Texan. Hoya. She/Her,”  tweeted, “Caitlyn Jenner is anti-trans. She doesn’t understand the science, and she is pandering to the ignorance of anti-trans people.”

“I have absolutely no problem saying Caitlyn Jenner supports and directly benefits from transphobia,” she added:

Shadi Petosky, a transgender television showrunner, posted online that Republicans hate the GOP candidate.

“They hate you. Please wake up,” she said of Jenner.

Self-designated “Activist” and “Campaigner,” Annie Wallace, said Jenner in is “league” with a “cult.”

An organization called Equality California, the presumed “nation’s largest statewide #LGBTQ+ civil rights organization,” stated Jenner is sacrificing the health & well-being of #trans kids to win votes.”

Jenner released a statement Saturday, “I think everybody deserves an opportunity to play in sports, no matter who you are, or what your identity.”

“More than five states have banned transgender biological males from computing in girls’ sports. And thirty states have ‘Anti-transgender legislation’ pending,” Breitbart News reported.

Jenner is running to unseat Gov. Gavin Newsom (D) in a recall election.

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