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Juicychrome Book Takes a Sinister Turn. GET READY

Ki Jenn is one of the funniest people on YouTube in my opinion. She’s also an expert on the kind of language you should use if you’re trying to avoid the censorship algorithms. I’ve even lended her “Juicychrome” nickname. Or the “Baphadeboop” designation for any Baphometic loyal Satanist celebrity she might be referring to. I need to finish my latest post on Juicychrome that I’ve been working on in response to that one nightmarish Twitter handle who I got into it with who seems to have slunk back into the shadows after getting their face kicked in on my feed. My feed that has been relegated to useless since most of my tweets get funneled directly into the Abyss these days, with even some of my followers not even seeing all that I put out there anymore. Twitter is trying to make it seem like they aren’t censoring everyone by allowing my handle to stay, but are actually just censoring it in more sneaky and subversive ways. I need to get setup to syndicate to Telegram instead.

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