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While We Should Stop Calling It “Tartarian”, It’s Not a PsyOp | Tartarian & Mudflood PsyOps: Designed to Make Truthers Look Foolish

This has been a common tactic I’ve seen if late. Any topic that starts to become popularized will be labeled as a “PsyOp”. I can just imagine these simpletons slurring and overusing the word in an inarticulate tone the same way they do “conspirrrracy theory”. And this is often coming from people who had never even heard of the term “PsyOp” until recently and couldn’t be counted on to come up with any kind of creative analysis or theory if their lives depended on it. They just take existing bodies of work and try to critique them. Never actually contributing anything useful or noteworthy to the discussion. We know that this is a trademark characteristic of the parasite. The inability to spontaneously use imagination to create something new and actually make meaningful contributions to the overall body of work of humanity. They are only able to emulate that which has already been created by an authentic human being with a soul. They then either steal these existing bodies of work or try to discredit them. It’s getting old. The only people who appear foolish are the ones who cling to these outlandish artificial narratives that have been fed to us by Jesuit scum and try to dissuade others from thinking critically.

I want to cut this guy a little slack because he does have some good work and I don’t think he was trying to completely discredit the reset theory in general. He should have labeled the video differently. I get what he’s trying to say and in fact just about all of the Mudflood channels that I follow have made it clear that it’s not accurate to characterize this lost civilization as “Tartarian”. But we need to have some kind of name to use when referring to it. Since it was likely nameless to begin with, and it’s easy to say that any name is just as good as another. We should come up with a different label. So while it’s correct that we should not be attributing Tartarian culture to this lost global mega civilization, to classify the concept as a PsyOp is just flat wrong and would only be something that a cointelpro Jesuit shill would try to say. The physical evidence for the existence of this technologically advanced and lost civilization that was destroyed after a global cataclysm(s) is overwhelming. In fact, the more I look into, the more grandiose and wildly over the top this lost culture reveals itself to be. Not just in opulence and technology, but in the depth of the conspiracy itself and the sheer scale of the damn thing. A lost urban sprawl that likely blanketed every inch of the globe and that had buildings so large and so advanced that most of the mountains on earth are likely the ruined remains of this infrastructure. So to call it a PsyOp is just as foolish as continuing to label it as Tartarian.

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