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Kurt Cobain: The Murder Conspiracy | “NYPD won’t release the “Frazzledrip” snuff flick because the real version could bring the entire ring down, and the Queen of England is not going to allow that to happen” -RANDY ROCKET CODY

Just because the Frazzledrip narrative has been hijacked by disinformation shills and has had counterfeit fake versions of it made in an effort to discredit the legitimate footage, does not mean that we should abandon this very important and very real story and overall theme of child trafficking and ritual murder. As uncomfortable as it may make you, it’s an unfortunate reality that young children are continually snatched up and then sold into these elite trafficking rings where they are used a sex slaves before ultimately being ritualistically murdered and in most cases also CONSUMED. So the two inbred Khazar faggots behind South Park can try to forget about their own ass rapings that they endured by making sarcastically themed episodes mocking what they know to be very real and common practices in Hollywood circles of Adrenochrome extraction/blood sacrifice rituals all they want. But it’s not fooling anyone and the topic is not going away. Keeping the topic alive and never relenting is the only way of ever possibly finding someone with enough power or clout to ever actually decide to finally do something about it. An authentic human being. Not a sock puppet politician who is also an Occultist and likely pedo himself like Trump. Forget that “white hat” shit.

This piece goes into Courtney Loves involvement in these trafficking rings and how she was also an apparent victim of child sex trafficking herself. It’s alleged that Courtney Love is also seen in the Frazzledrip video alongside Hillary & Huma. Seen sacrificing and consuming a young girl.

Source: Published on  by Rocket

Kurt Cobain: The Murder Conspiracy

Published on  by Rocket

Kurt Cobain: The Murder Conspiracy (Part 2)

by Randy “Rocket” Cody

“My body is damaged from music in two ways. I have a red irritation in my stomach. It’s psychosomatic, caused by all the anger and the screaming. I have scoliosis, where the curvature of your spine is bent, and the weight of my guitar has made it worse. I’m always in pain, and that adds to the anger in our music.”

– Kurt Cobain

When legendary NIRVANA guitarist/vocalist, Kurt Cobain, was found dead from a suspected self inflicted gunshot wound in 1994, the narrative the mainstream used was he was suffering from “bi-polar depression” and much like Chris Cornell‘s narrative, depended on certain drugs to keep himself from going to the darkest places with his purported mental illness. Courtney did not act like the concerned wife who is looking out for a husband “hellbent” on hurting himself in the last weeks of his life. Instead she acted suspiciously, by hiring a former cop to do some private investigation work. Word is Kurt was sick and tired of her hurtful, abusive antics, and he wanted a divorce, much like Chris Cornell was said to be trying to get away from Vicky Cornell at the end. Kurt was pretty much on a downward spiral before he died, yes, but there is much more to the story that is not being told.

What if Kurt was actually a victim of MK ULTRA and ultimately got silenced by the CIA like Chris Cornell because he learned too much about the elite’s human trafficking and sex slavery ring?

Kurt sacrificed his body for the incredible music he created, and I can spend all day telling you stories about just how crazy this man was with his own body getting into fights against much bigger men at gigs… in Texas!

Something went wrong in a major way at the end for our rock hero, and it had nothing to do with him being depressed. I believe Kurt was in fear for his life, and the person he was terrified of was not some tall hit man with a gun or some skin head punk out at a Nirvana show… it was his wife, Courtney Love.

UNDATED – VANCOUVER, BC – Kurt Cobain photographed in 1990 by Ian Tilton; from Who Shot Rock and Roll? by Gail Buckland. With Mary Frances Hill story [PNG Merlin Archive]

My independent death investigation for Mr. Cobain has brought me to the conclusion that the only person who could get close enough to Kurt to overdose him with heroin, taking into account where he was at in terms of trusting others at this point, is his wifeCourtney Love. As this three part dissertation continues I am going to be able to fully prove that my theory is the only one that stands up at the end against all others.

Speaking of which, Kurt was found dead laying down on his back, and that got me to thinking was he killed somewhere else and then staged in the greenhouse above the garage to make it appear as though he shot himself while alone?

Keep in mind, Courtney and the P.I. Tom Grant could not initially find Kurt in the greenhouse, remember? My gut tells me that they both knew Kurt was already there… because they staged his body to look like a suicide.

Tom Grant is a freemason, in my opinion, ladies and gentleman. That is the only way you can make it to detective in a police force like he did I learned. You have to be down with the devil, and that’s the whole truth and nothing but the truth!

With Courtney’s connection to the PEDOGATE scandal, involving Prince Andrew and Ghislaine Maxwell, and other big names like Heidi Klum, it starts to make more sense that perhaps Kurt found himself way in over his head after becoming privy to the sinister plot to abduct children for an elite pedophile ring.

Whether or not we will ever get to actually see footage of her scarfing down pieces of human flesh while rocking a Nirvana shirt, the mere fact that she hangs out with any of these sickos on a regular basis is all the proof you need to see that she went off the deep end a long time ago.

All signs point to Courtney being a procurer for young ‘sex slave’ girls like Maxwell, so that they may be offered up to Satan during bloody rituals that end up with everyone in the coven eating that human being. Anyone who is close friends with Marina Abramovic and Lady Gaga needs their head examined.

You know what I think? I think NYPD won’t release the “Frazzledrip” snuff flick because the real version could bring the entire ring down, and the Queen of England is not going to allow that to happen.

Truther journalist Liz Crokin claims the videos on Anthony Weiner‘s laptop include “very powerful politicians involved in pedophilia…”

So these videos do exist. Now we need to ask ourselves “What are they hiding?”

The alleged Shirt: Courtney Consumes Girl on Camera While Showing Nirvana LOVE?

The Seattle Post-Intelligencer reported that Mr. Cobain was “high on heroin when he pulled the trigger,” but I will be able to prove that this was not possible for him to do. My concluding forensic analysis is going to be irrefutable and once readers get exposed to the facts it will make accepting my theory as the truth much easier.

In the first part of this report, I detailed the Hillary Clinton snuff film called “Frazzledrip,” also pulled by cops off Weiner’s laptop, and now I have officially confirmed that it does actually exist, although there is a decoy version too, however, I’m being told that the real version just so happens to allegedly feature Courtney LoveThe following screenshot has been released on the Dark Web depicting a woman who looks just like Courtney with a ten year old girl who is later said to be sacrificed while being filmed... and also eaten.

How long has Courtney been involved in being a lure for the elite’s child snatching coven? My guess is that it’s been a very long time now for her, going back to when Kurt was still alive.

Spirit Cooking 101: Mummified Baby Corpse Or Plastic Ritual Figurine?

I spoke with a source who told me that he actually witnessed Courtney being held as a sex slave in a cage when she was much younger, so her connection to all of this madness has been happening since she was a teenager.

You see what really happened was they fooled everyone. The P.I. pretended to turn against Courtney so that it would take suspicion off of him, understand?

Courtney is protecting the ring. It’s clear as day to see it. By taking out Kurt, it allowed her ultimate power within the coven she was rising up in. By sacrificing her own husband, this loving wife guaranteed herself superstardom. Let’s face it… Courtney was no Kurt Cobain. Have you ever heard this woman sing? She sounds like a frustrated homeless person having a raging conversation with themselves after drinking a gallon of rum. No talent. Never was going to have any talent.

Until Kurt was removed from the picture. Then, blammo, she became an immediate media darling… barf girl. That’s what I think of when I see some chick with seriously low standards living off someone else’s glory.

Courtney Love doesn’t even know what ‘standards’ means, and she sure as Hell has been living off of Kurt’s wonderful legacy in rock music and reaping the rewards.

Courtney Love’s former private investigator, Tom Grant, calls Hole singer a ‘psychopath,’ suggests she’s involved in a ‘conspiracy’ in the death of Kurt Cobain

The New York Daily News ran a disinformation piece in 2016 to help keep the bogus narrative going.

“Grant, a former detective with the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department who is now retired, ultimately came to that conclusion citing several motives – one most likely being money and Cobain’s supposed plans to leave Love, by the end of 1994. The investigator, who has shared that opinion for more than two decades, believes the official cause of death should be changed from suicide to undetermined, and that the controversial case should be reopened.” – NY Daily News

This is the way that the Illuminati mocks all of us, got it? Tom Grant is not a good guy. No cop at his level can be a good guy and that’s just the reality of the matter. Tom Grant, the top brass at LAPD, NYPD, Detroit PD and all of the mafia-like police departments in the USA, plus the crooked mainstream media who keep reporting a false narrative, should be brought up on criminal charges for covering up Pedogate.

They have failed our children, and the poor parents who have lost a loved one, and what does anyone do about it? Not one damn thing.

I’m not going to sit around and let this happen without throwing some punches back in defense of these abducted little angels who end up being ritually killed by the likes of Lady Gaga on Orgy Island.

I’m going to keep reporting the facts and doing what other journalists should be doing and that is battling against the evil cabal’s twisted New World Order agenda.



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