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ANARCHOTYRANNY: One of the Most Fitting Words Yet to Describe the Regime Style of the Globalist Libtard, Pig-Sheep Hybrid

Sounds like a perfect name for this classification of tyranny that we see from the radical left and their Globalist pig cohorts. A hybrid between a sheep and a pig. “Anarchotyrannical Sheep-Pig”. It’s perfect.

Source: PARALLAX OPTICS | Posted on September 26, 2020


Posted on  by parallaxoptics

Every society 

Every Regime 

Has a ruling formula

The formula is designed to rule over the structure

The Bioleninist Regime follows a client / patron structure

An intersectional swarm of bio-detritus forms the client

While a Neoreligious globalist priesthood constitutes the patron

The High and the Low against the Middle

Democracy is permanent distributed conflict 

An Ideological pitched battle 

Democrat vs Republican

In-group vs Out-group

Client and patron vs remnant

An asymmetric power struggle

There is no rule of law

There hasn’t been for some time

You can do anything as long as you’re ideologically aligned with the Regime

It’s called


An amoral system of asymmetric law enforcement

Administered through a bureaucratic labyrinth of selective rule application

Under Anarchotyranny the ruling class aims to control its subjects so that they cannot coordinate / oppose the Regime 

This constitutes the tyrannical aspect

Instead of controlling the ‘real’ criminals / reining in the Regime’s own de facto paramilitary forces

This causes distributed anarchy

Meanwhile the law is interpreted and enforced selectively / asymmetrically depending on what is perceived to be in the interests of the Regime

Anarchotyranny is a demonic Hegelian synthesis 

The Regime tyrannically / oppressively regulates citizens lives yet refuses to enforce fundamental protective law 

Violent riots are incited by the Regime

While self-defence is effectively criminalised

Real criminals evade justice as long as they are ideologically aligned with power

While law abiding citizens are cast as criminals for protecting what belongs to them

As a citizen you inhabit a zone of selective rule / law enforcement 

An asymmetric system of unformalized governance protocols, within an esoteric / occulted Bioleninist power-Matrix

Anarchotyranny scrambles the exoteric / surface level code of the rules through which you are governed by the Regime

Transvaluation inverts the esoteric / deep level meta-code of the Neoreligious / moral framework the scrambled rules operate upon

You are subsumed within a demonic moral system / incentive structure

You are forced to operate under labyrinthine ‘rules’ selectively administered by a hostile Regime

A Regime which has transmuted sin into virtue

Which permits and encourages structural violence against its enemies 


The ‘riots’ were not conceived to actually change anything

They were not designed to depose the ruling elite or destabilise the Bioleninist Regime

They were a reassertion by the ruling elite of the dominance of their sanctified race / victimhood narrative

Another part of the election cycle spectacle  

The riots were a Neoreligious festival 

A demonstration of the power of the Regime

And the impotence of the remnant

They were enacted to taunt subjugate and demoralise

To establish the grounds for further concessions / reparations 

And pre-emptively enforce their acquisition

They constituted a recapitulation inversion and enactment of the core oppressed > oppressor narrative

Which animates the Bioleninist Regime and fuels its redistributionist / revenge fantasies

Fantasies it is Hell-bent on enacting 

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