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Scamdemic- Complete Breakdown- Jab,DNA,Transhumanism- READ INFO – Dr. Carrie Madej

Source: 153news.net

Dr. Carrie Madej does a very excellent job with a slide presentation and her video selection to show the entire picture of this world wide scam!
If you can get this shared, please do. A five year old can grasp most of this so if you share with someone and they are still fuzzy.. move on. They are blinded by more than the LIE!

PLEASE NOTE!! The references she uses like kurzwell/ georde rose especially ose and his and his background in AI/Dwave etc.
He is now a senior fktard at g00gle with all its evil power and might. backing him.

Original clip was a bit longer and some babble by the interviewer, no disrespect meant , so I clipped it out. No sense in wasting time being a “good host”, just get to it.

CategoryServants of Evil,Agenda 21 2030 2050,Vaccine / Mandatory Agenda,Wake up people
Duration: 51:10
Date:  2021-05-07 17:14:05
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