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Once You See It, You Can’t Unsee It. Melted Buildings & Rubble Piles EVERYWHERE You Look. Colorized Photos of Sphinx Excavation Site in 1800’s. Rare Old Photos From Egypt

Coast of Peru
Colorized 1800’s photo of Sphinx site before any excavations took place. I included several videos below that contain an assortment of rare early photos of sites on the Giza plateau.

There are two things that I now always make sure to look for when looking at vintage pictures of archeological sites that are still in pre-escavation condition. 1.) The piles/mounds of building rubble that surround these areas & 2.) The melted condition of the brick walls that still remain that they may or may not have tried to pass of as geological by now. Most of the remains of this building infrastructure have taken on the appearance of a rock edifice that’s more geological in nature at first glance. What you used to think of as hills and cliff faces, you will now see as melted brick walls surrounded by mounds of building rubble that you once thought were simply rolling dirt hills or sand dunes. I’ve even gone as far as endorsing a sensational theory that the channel “Wise Up” had suggested about these Mesoamerican pyramids actually being the roof tops of all that remains of what was once a significantly taller building that used to be one of many that made up the urban sprawl of this lost ancient civilization.

One thing that just came to mind is how much easier, sensible and convenient it would have been for the inheritors to simply remove material from the tops of these ruined buildings until you were left with a symetrical terraced pyramid complex. That helps to explain how some of these more recent indigenous cultures were able to construct(deconstruct rather) these enormous pyramids. Archaeologists(or Archeologists? I see both spellings in reputable journals) that came later did the same thing in fact. With many of these pyramids actually being nothing more than modern reconstructions that were carried out by archeologists in the late 1800’s/early 1900’s and then before that by the Aztec, Mayan and Incan cultures. They simply used the ruined building material that was already available and in still in good shape and waiting to be reused, in order to deconstruct what was already there into these terraced pyramid shaped buildings. They wouldn’t have even needed to haul away any heavy blocks. They could simply pulverize the portions of the building they needed to in order to create the symmetrical layout they wanted. I have talked about this in a previous post.

Made a slideshow out of these galleries since it would have taken a frustratingly long amount of time for the post to load with the number of pictures I included.

Sedona Arizona is one of the best places to go to see example after example of what are the obvious remains of melted buildings. They have the trademark sloped piles of rubble leaning up against the rock faces. Looking at all these sites with your new “mudflood goggles” is mind blowing.

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