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Council on Foreign Relations Completely Unmasked As Illuminati In U.S.(1966) NO.123-Myron Fagan

The New World Order and the Illuminati are not some modern constructs that were born from the overly imaginative ramblings of conspiracy theorists, as so many would like to have you believe is the case. The antiquity of these diabolical secret societies and their plans is made clear in these works by a Hollywood insider from the early days.

CFR Completely Unmasked As Illuminati In U.S. NO.123-MyronFagan.pdf


Myron C. Fagan Complete Works

Introduction to the Myron C. Fagan collection,
contained here are the writings of Myron C. Fagan’s booklets and his book on hollywood reds in media and tv.

The main reason these books are so important is they were written in the late 1940’s-1960’s by a well established play write with in hollywood who had seen the communist agenda infiltrating the mass media in any way they possibly could and in any position they could with the intent to influence the american people’s opinion on communism during the era of the ‘red scare’. 

 These books are a prime testament to the now obvious fact that our government has been over ran and controlled by the United Nations, CFR, or if you would choose the term ‘illuminati’. all of these terms that you previously read are nothing but psydonyms for communist atheistic jews. everything that Mr. Fagan writes about in the early start of the communist one world order take over of the united states has came to pass and exceed Mr. Fagans wildest imagination…if only he could see the world as our generation now knows it. 

NOTE 1*: It has come to my attention that I have not aquired a full set of booklets but I do have the vast majority of them. I have done some research and have compiled a list of the missing books and the location of said books via a library book listing website that I will leave here. I sadly do not have the ability to get to any libraries that currently hold these books so I ask that people look at the website to see if a library is listed for the missing books and if you can make it there to either check out the books and take HIRES photos of each page from cover to cover or just do this while at the library for as many books as you possibly can and E-mail them to me at my provided address.

***This list may not contain all missing booklets if you notice one we do not have email [] me or comment*** 
NOTE 2*: There are printing errors in the majority of these books such as: misaligned text on pages, Lighter text [like their printer was running low on ink while in the print process] and barely visible texts in a few cases but this is not wide spread and should still be readable by the reader by zooming in. these errors are not due to my scanning or the scanner they were printed like this and these books are extremely rare so the majority of the reprints from 1995 by CPA Books will end up having these errors also, at the time of writing this there are no longer any ‘collected works’ by Myron C. Fagan online therefore i hope you will forgive the errors seeing as how i chose not to alter the books in anyway to keep them in their original form and the words of Myron unobscured by an unknown hand.
NOTE 3*: I have recently come to notice that the publishers of these books have also binded them in a misplaced order, this is the ONLY thing i have attempted to correct for easier reading and does not in anyway affect the understanding of the materials as Myron Fagan and co-authors have intended them but to only enhance the understanding for the reader by putting the pages in the correct order. This being said i may not have noticed every single one so please be weary if you do notice a missing page then it will most likely be somewhere else in the PDF for that booklet. 

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