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Latest Batch of Cryptids: Giant Bat Creature/Mothman, Human Sized Frog, Giant Koala Bear, Real Minotaur, Translucent Predator & Crab-Person +Dinosaurs in a 16th Century Painting

Pretty sure that this Minotaur is a prosthetic suit. A very good one. But you never know, so I included it for fun.

Figured I’d just throw all the most recent cryptid footage together in one post. I’ll bet that you haven’t seen all of these. Some are fairly recent. Personally, I find the giant Bat creature to be the most compelling of all the pictures. All of them look pretty good to be honest. But that one stands out as being the highest quality. Not just in picture quality but in background information as well, since there were several other bystanders who saw this event take place. Allegedly….

This Man Was Exploring The Woods & Took This Photo But Said He Couldn_t Explain What He Captured
A giant Frog fished out of Lake Titicaca Peru
Translucent cloaked figure like in the movie “Predator” seen passing through.
Crab-like humanoid/creature seen walking across street in surveillance footage
Iceman seen climbing up cave wall
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