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Unhinged Leftist Bette Middler Threatens To Kill Unvaccinated Kids

Awww, I think its so cute that all these Twitter users think they are actually addressing and giving a piece of their mind to a human Hollywood actress. They’re not. They’re attempting to speak to what is nothing more than a simulacrum of a human celebrity. An approximation of human consciousness that takes on the appearance of a washed up old lady who’s younger synthetic variations were once used to make movies. That thing is just another sock puppet that was locked away in some bin until someone decided they needed to bring it out briefly to keep up with the characters public appearances. The content that streams from the Bette Middler Twitter account is most likely a basic A.I. Bot of some kind. I doubt they even waste resources on any of their Quantum machines on that hag for such a menial task as riling up those who are wisely refusing to take any of their vaccines. But in principle, yes, these people are correct to pile it on after such a despicable comment. But unfortunately there’s little satisfaction from yelling at a haggard doll or simulation of a human personality. It’s just a thing. Not a person. This is one of the reasons I tell people not to get so consumed with their thirst to see all these evil politicians eventually executed. They were never alive to begin with so it doesn’t matter what we do to one of their copies. They will sit back and laugh hysterically at us for thinking we have won.They can easily make another one in the form of a new vessel and then copy over her evil mind. You can’t kill what’s not alive to start with.

Unhinged Leftist Bette Middler Threatens To Kill Unvaccinated Kids

“Vaccinate or I’m bringing the Jiffy”

Source: Steve Watson

“Entertainer” Bette Middler has called for KILLING children who have not had COVID shots.

In a completely mental tweet aimed at ‘anti-vaxxers’, the unhinged Middler advocated using peanut butter on kids with allergies if they haven’t been vaccinated against coronavirus.

Normally anything coming out of her mouth is easily ignored, but this mind to keyboard splurge is a particularly hot take…

What’s even more mental is that some leftists actually took her seriously:

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