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This Might Be The CRAZIEST “Glitch in the Matrix” Example I’ve Ever Seen | Is the Veil Lifting on the Saturn Matrix Cube & Revealing Our Simulated Reality Matrix?

I’m going to try to do more post on fascinating things like this rather than allowing myself to be so consumed with the Covaids hoax & depopulation agenda. The sheeple don’t want to know the truth, so have it Billy G. Let them swan-dive into your woodchipper. It’s what they seem to want.

I watched this video over and over trying to debunk it. I can’t.

You can watch the video over and over and for the life of me I cannot see any kind of edit or any artifacts left from a frame splice. This is the original raw video as far as I can see and there is no explanation for what we are seeing. You can use the black car in the foreground as a reference point, so it’s not like the camera is coming in from a different angle and that’s the reason the car is no longer in view. It’s simply there when looking out the first window from the living room, then gone when looking out the window in the bedroom that’s no more than 15 feet away. This is a full blown glitch and if this is the raw original footage, like I believe it is, then it’s bona-fide evidence that we are living/trapped within a simulated holographic reality matrix. The Saturn Matrix Cube to be exact.


I’ve posted at length regarding the theory that we have been imprisoned within the Saturn Matrix cube for some time now. For all intensive purposes we’ve always been operating within the confines of some kind of holographic “simulation”, however I believe that starting in either 1999 or 2012, our reality was commandeered by esoteric mad scientists of sorts and a bootleg copy of our reality was created and everyone’s consciousness was migrated into a simulation within a simulation. The prevalence of all these Mandela Effects and reports of “reality glitches” didn’t seem to start until after 2012 according to Google search analytics. So it appears something has been done and the veil is only going to continue to accelerate as far as how fast it’s being peeled and lifted away, eventually revealing the true nature of our reality.


I have to believe that the return of Christ and the “end of the world” has something to do with humanity finally being relieved of this false reality matrix and our original creator(God) taking back his creations to reside as the Astral beings we were originally made as, outside of any simulation.

YahushuaBenDavid has some of the best videos on this Saturn Matrix Cube. I made sure to download most of his videos since he gets banned from YouTube so often. Below are many posts I’ve done containing his videos as well as a link to his Bitchute channel and a video from his brand new channel where he reposted some old videos and has a few new ones.

I also highly recommend watching the documentary “A Glitch in the Matrix” that was just released.

Reddit is a good place to check for glitch in the matrix testimonials.


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