5g, Genocide

(RETRACTED)Weapons Expert Mark Steele Opens a 5G LED Transmitter – IT’S A WEAPON

This guy is a fraud. I’m retracting this.

A weapons system. A delivery system for an optical laser focused weapons array that’s been dressed up as an LED street light that most have been saying barely even creates any light. With a heavy duty radar for an Orwellian surveillance system for good measure.

No wonder the Chinese citizens were burning down all the 5G stations in the week leading up to the Covaids hoax. Convenient week for that start up, huh? I’m glad to see there are at least a few people as fed up with the complacency of the general population as I am. This guy is still passionate about stopping it. I’m more liable to allow the damn depopulation protocols to be followed through with now that I see how useless and downright dangerous the general dispositions of most people are these days. I get that these people have been indoctrinated, but I went to the same public schools and American Universities that everyone else did and you don’t see me diving head first into a woodchipper like these feckless sheeple seem so eager to. It’s just sad to see them toss their children in a well.

We need to get rid of the deadweight. I’m serious.

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