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Collection of New “Mudflood/Lost History” | Channels MOUNTAINS AND CONTINENTS ARE MELTED BUILDINGS!!!

I need to chill out for a couple days with my neverending battle against the Covaids hoax and take a break from going after all these useless braindead sheepletards on social media who look for any excuse in the world to defend this ongoing insanity. I never wanted to blog about that crap but I have no choice but to react to it since it’s happening. I can’t ignore it. But in a perfect world I’d just post content about archeology and ancient mysteries. That’s what I really care about. Despite how it may seem, I don’t enjoy skewering people on social media. I really don’t. But most people are way too nice and polite about stuff and the situation has become dire enough that playing nice or being respectful is no longer an option and I know that I’m kinda good at being mean sometimes. Not necessarily proud of that, but we’re all here for a reason I guess. But I digress.

Mudflood Channels

I’m trying to consolidate my theme-specific content and Levi recommended a bunch of new good channels, so I might as well make a post and put together all the “Mudflood” related channels I have in my arsenal. I’m sure I’ll forget a few, so check back later and there will surely be more. is always a good spot for, well, “stolen history”. Though, something happened recently and a lot of content disappeared. But there is still a ton of good stuff.


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