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Sphinx’s True Identity and Age – The Great Cover-Up of Egypt | The Sphinx & Most of Egyptology is One Enormous Lie

Eye Test ~ Sphinx As Anubis | Showing that the current body could most definitely could have had an Anubis head at one point. A claim that some try to say is impossible, but this shows otherwise. There would definitely have been which
Cf-apps7865 has a lot of good videos on various sites in & Giza and elsewhere and his Egyptological accumen is first class. All the way down to the individual hieroglyphics & even the genealogies of the Pharoahs. He doesn’t take nearly as radical a position as I do, but he definitely knows Egyptologists are full of it and he’s one of the best in identifying and pointing out all the holes in their stories and timelines that they try to get away with passing off as the agreed-upon historical narrative. Inconsistencies and laughable lies that are so bad that I’m surprised anyone in the world of academia and archaeology who identifies themself as an Egyptologist is taken seriously at all by their colleagues. You’re life is a literal joke if you decidet to actually conduct research using

The Sphinx might be the most contentious subject within all of mainstream archaeology. They love to argue about both the age and original form of the Sphinx. You have the opinions of super shill Egyptologists like Mark Lehner who are the Gatekeepers of many secrets and have made their pretentious careers by knowingly lying about just about everything. In Lehners case, he’s most famous for covering-up whatever he and Zahi Hawass found in the hidden chamber beneath the Sphinx.

Ironically I actually used to really like watching the docudrama/comedy improv show “Chasing Mummies” staring Zahi Hawass. It was so bizarre and obtuse in its format and style that I couldn’t stop watching it. Hawass is a wildly entertaining cartoon character and is constantly mind-fucking the archaeologists that are interning underneath him. The one and only Wikipedia entry I ever made that didn’t get immediately deleted and is still there, but now credited to someone else, but at the time I made the entry I did not know how to use Wikipedia properly when editing any topic, so I’m not surprised to see it misattributed. The entry was: “due to the comedic nature of many of the interactions depicted, it is not hard to speculate that Dr. Hawass, the producer, and cast are filming what turns out to be a running inside joke between themselves.

We’re supposed to take their word for it and believe them when they insist that when exploring this chamber they only found a small area filled with debris made-up of broken ceramics and gypsum fragments. These are the same people who will also insist that everything was built by Kufu, that all the pyramids were tombs made by the Pharoahs and that all these spectacular ancient megalithic structures across ancient Egypt were built by these dynastic Pharoahs with a workforce that cut and shaped blocks of stone with round pounding stones and brittle copper chisels, before somehow lifting 40 to 50 ton blocks in some cases, up into place, with the precision of a modern engineer. In the event you challenge and ask for further substantive evidence for any one of these particular points, like say, how they overcame the fragility of the copper chisels for example. You will get a jaw-dropping explanation like this: “[sic] they would continously replace the chisel bits using a human conveyor belt that would be there for the sole purpose of replacing copper bits since they would break almost instantaneously”.

He and his colleagues should be more than embarassed for still stubbornly holding onto many of their more assinine theories that they seem to have no choice but to defend to the death. So in short, Egyptologists like him are probably the last people on earth you want to listen to regarding any kind of accurate historical timeline or insightful cultural context. He’s just a knowledge guardian. Jealously holding ancient secrets close to his vest while protecting the interests of those who want the truth about our past to remain hidden.

On the flip side we have a posse of “controversial” scholars, authors and academics like Dr. Robert Schoch, John Anthony West & Graham Hancock who supposedly represent the rogue elements of the Egyptological paridigm. Dr. Schoch was the first to theorize that the Sphinx was in fact much much older(up to 12,000 years old) than what Egyptologists like Lehner had claimed based on what he saw as erosion caused by heavy rainfall on the walls of the enclosure. To this day, Zahi Hawass still asserts that it was wind erosion and even cites some random college professor from America who apparently agreed to claim publicly that this wind erosion explanation that Zahi is obsessed with is actually valid so that he could show that Dr. Schochs theory couldn’t possibly be right. I don’t think either theory is true, but we’ll get to that later. When it comes to the original form of the Sphinx, he sides with John Anthony West and will assure you that it was most definitely a lion and will not even entertain the idea that it may have had an Anubis head in its original form. Schoch even seemed to get annoyed by Joe Rogan when he brought up the Anubis theory during one of his podcasts.

The devotion that the likes of Schoch & West have to the lion-headed Sphinx theory is not what I have a problem with. My problem with Dr. Schoch is that he will try to act like he’s truly going against the grain with many of his findings. And he certainly is going against the mainstream Egyptologists, but I have a feeling that he knows that his analysis of the enclosure walls having been eroded by ancient rainfall also isn’t true and he knows that he’s been inserted into the fray and given airtime and attention for the purpose of misdirection and to make it seem as though the Zahi Hawasses & Mark Lehners of the world actually have academic rivals. Giving the impression that Lehner & the rest of the rest of the mainstream hivemind are somehow genuinely sour-faced that someone like Dr. Schoch has managed to “expose the truth”. Well I’m not falling for it. Neither Schoch, West, Hancock or any of the other “New Agish” authors or scholars that you see on the History Channel or YouTube documentary special hasn’t exposed anything resembling the the truth in my opinion. The powers at be want to make sure that even the prevailing “alternative” theories are junk. Both contingencies are there to protect the truth truth and while they may appear to present conflicting theories, they are actually both merely designed to keep any train of thought far far away from the authentic truth that I believe both parties are privy to.

So while these knuckleheads argue over whether or not the original head was an Anubis jackal or the classic Sphinx Lion(I believe it was an Anubis originally) they end up overlooking some much more shocking anomalies about the condition of the body and the awkwardness of the current head. One thing that all these “professionals” seem to unilaterally agree on is that it was originally carved out of one enormous piece from the living bed rock and that all the weathering that we see present is from sand/wind erosion or water erosion(in Schochs case) and that the head was reshaped later by the dynastic Egyptians.

In my opinion they are DEAD wrong about each and every one of those postulations regarding who built it, what form was it originally, how it was originally assembled and how & when it got in its current ruined state.

There are so many glaring anomalies, SO many, that I’m forced to assume that they must be intentionally misleading the public. Feeding us the usual diet of controlled opposition disinfo to go along with their cringy mainstream lies. Giving you 2 paridigms to chose from. Neither of which are honest.

In my opinion, the Sphinx was NOT carved out of the bedrock from a single piece of living rock. There’s no way. You can very clearly see the melted brick lines and the tell-tale layering all over the sides and chest.

The current head of what looks like Amenhotep II was obviously plunked on top to replace the Anubis head and was built-out with blocks and then covered in a facade of a stucco/cement-like molding.

This head had to have added at some point after the original structure of the Anubis or Lion(I think Anubis/jackal) was melted and rendered into its current ruined state by the great cataclysmic “X-Factor” event(coined by “When the Buildings Cried“).

This would imply that the current head had to have been plopped on in modern times by some deceiving Jesuit jackass and carved using the likeness of whatever Pharoh they thought made the most sense and fit with their messy fabricated historical narrative. Making “The Great Sphinx of Egypt” yet another modern hoax. Much like I suspect ALL of “Egyptology” is. The original body was most certainly built from red brick or limestone blocks that have melted and fused together in the exact same way that we see that the rest of the “mudflooded” ruins were. It’s clear as day. I believe that all the different renovation styles that you see on the sides of the Sphinx were all put there all at once to make it seem as though the Sphinx was much much older than it really was. Depicting renovation attempts using varying materials associated with particular historical eras & cultures from the Archaic through the Roman(fake Roman) period.


Sphinx’s True Identity and Age – The Great Cover-Up of Egypt

Have you ever considered the idea that the Great Sphinx of Giza might, in fact, be an enormous lion?

Lions featured in many ancient texts and for many of those ancient civilizations, lions represented powerful gods. In terms of identity, purpose, and age, it seems that this theory fits quite well with Sphinx.

Ever since its discovery, the Sphinx has been considered a guardian protecting the dead.

As you already know, the head of the Sphinx is that of a human, but its shape and size are completely out of proportions. Another theory points out to the fact that the Sphinx might have been a dog, that is, a representation of the god Anubis.

At the same time, the Sphinx might have been facing Sirius, which is very well-considered since it is related to the idea or legend according to which we’ve once been visited by gods coming from that particular constellation.

The man who came up with this idea of the Sphinx being actually a lion is Anthony West. West also claimed that the Sphinx is much older than we think.

Finally, recent discoveries suggested that a long time ago the Sphinx was surrounded by a lake. It seems that the existence of this lake has been kept in secret in order to hide the real age of the Sphinx as well as its true identity.

Have a look at the following video and share your opinions with us.


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