#COVIDIOTS, #Scamdemic, Coronavirus, Mask-Nazis & Koughvidiots

12yo Girl From Ontario CRUSHES Anti-Mask Speach & Puts Vaxhole & Mask Nazi Adults in Their Place & On Notice | +More Empty Hospitals Filmed By Irate Locals

She really breaks it down in a very compact format and makes all the most crucial points. Letting the adults have it. The parents and administrators who were responsible for putting these mandates on our children to begin with, should be permanently socially ostracized.

  • She’s not afraid to leave her house without a mask because of some health threat & fear of sickness. She’s afraid she will be shamed and castigated by know-it-all dummies who actually usually know the least, who run around trying to impose their will on others because of their own inability to make decisions for themselves.
  • Kids need to socialize with one and other. Some kids have even taken their own lives due to the isolation.
  • You learn absolutely nothing in the current remote classroom setup.
  • They are only conducive to sickness and even if they weren’t, kids don’t get Covid. So WTF?
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