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Holee Shit! AstraZeneca Jab Shows Up as Bluetooth Device. Continuously Broadcasts Pairing Signal to Other Devices

I’m going to put a cointelpro caution ⚠️ notification on this story for the time being. Only because it stinks of the kind of disinformation ruse they would try. But that doesn’t mean it couldn’t end up being verified as true in the end. I will be keeping an eye on this story and will be looking for other examples of this. Any help would be appreciated. Evidence in either direction.

Somehow “I told you so” just doesn’t suffice. Even I wouldn’t have anticipated they’d be so bold as to immediately assign you a Bluetooth ID that would by default, broadcast a pairing signal, at all times, for other devices in its vicinity to connect to. You’d think they would want to be a bit more discrete about having implanted you with a WIFI array. Transmission arrays that they can assemble themselves within your living tissue. And now that we know more about magneto-protein technology, it also helps to explain why magnets are also sticking to the jab location. This is unreal.

Don’t believe me. Watch for yourself. I’m honestly hoping that this was some kind of prank or disinformation ploy by cointelpro shills. I really am. But I have a feeling this is legit. We will have to wait and see.

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