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Some Astonishing New Photos of Old World Ruins via “Mudflood/X-Factor Event”

Some of the photos that are shown in this Wooden Nickels video are mind boggling and I had not seen most of these. I can only imagine what kinds of other photographic hoards of equally astonishing photos will emerge onto the internet as the topic rises in popularity & the beans really get spilled.

This video on the various versions of Madison Square Garden was also insane.

Wooden Nickels new channel on Rokfin with Aewaranon:

Since first making this post, Wooden Nickels(who also recently had his channel removed… maybe he was on to something?) has done a complete 180 for some reason and totally buys most(OK, maybe not most, but a lot) of the official narrative as far as who built most of these magnificent Old World structures and when. Citing evidence like a photo showing train tracks next to a construction site of one of these behemoth Old World buildings and canal dig sites supposedly being built in the late 1800’s as “proof” that they indeed had the infrastructure and technology to build such structures.

Did they disassemble a locomotive along with those tracks to then go ahead and build a crane that they could start using when it came time to start stacking those floors vertically? The existence of train tracks by no means proves they had the machinery needed to build a structure like that.

This seems like an pathetic and inexplicable position to have suddenly taken and I’m not sure why he and Aewaranon have suddenly flipped the way they have.

I had always considered Wooden Nickels as one of the higher quality voices when it came to this subject matter. Granted, there have certainly been a lot of knuckleheads who have recently jumped onto the frenzied Tartarian bandwagon and are filling the community with videos that make all sorts of wild and ridiculous claims. But that doesn’t mean the whole science of investigating the anomalous nature of the Old World and the out of place technological prowess of the architecture built during this time period time should suddenly be completely abandoned as a PsyOp and submitted back to the cringy official narrative that we all know is total horse shit.

Though I will admit that their is a sinister aspect of the movement in that “Tartaria” is derived from “Tartarus” which is the Greek word for the hellish underworld run by Hades and that sinister forces would be trying to hijack the movement as the ushering in of a lost Old World utopia when in reality it’s more closely tantamount to ushering in hell on a “new” earth.

But just look at how built out and ancient NYC already looked in the 1930’s. Something just doesn’t add up. The timeline they give us is bullshit. Cities like New York, Chicago and San Francisco were Old World mega cities that have been around for much longer than they would like us to realize.

There was a good new Levi video too. They just keep finding new photographic evidence.

I try to keep adding photos of old world ruins to this Pinterest pin.

Below is a photo set of the Baalbak ruins that shows structures that I had never seen before.

Baalbak Ruins 1870’s

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