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So the earth must be flat! (sarcastically) *head-----wall---ugh | Flat earth facts, Flat earth ...

 The sun appears to grow smaller as it sets through the lens of the camera but it appears to grow larger to our naked eye. Why is that? The official explanation from scientists is it is because the naked eye is comparing the sun size to the horizon. The brain tells us the sun looks larger than it did when it was higher in the sky because there is no relative horizon to compare it to. So why would a stationary sun appear to grow smaller as it sets when we isolate the sun and compare it to a plant or tree in the lens? Because it is moving farther away from the observer. This is not possible if the sun is 93m miles away and stationary. The earth turning 45 degrees will not cause the sun to appear smaller if it is that far away. Only when the sun is much closer and much smaller will this happen and the sun is MOVING NOT THE EARTH.

The immediate response from the indoctrinated is “That’s impossible”. But no it is not. In fact I have explained over and over how the toroid model works> We are inside a Tesla coil/Toroidal vortex spinning field. Black holes produce suns. There is a core. The plasma dome spins. The earth is IN ERT/inertia/In EARTH. It is the still point accretion disc between the waters above and below just like a black hole galactic model from NASA. The only difference is that we are not walking on the surface of a ball covered in water. We are inside the toroid walking on the flat accretion disc. People actually ask why we don’t fall off of a flat stable plane surrounded in water; AN ISLAND while believing we don’t fall off of a ball spinning in vacuum. That is indoctrination. The waters are simply all states of matter finding equilibrium within their relative mediums and vibrations. The only other explanation is that we are in a simulation and we are lied to about both models while the natural model is the Toroidal model which comes first as the origin of all creation.

The inner and outer spiral of the sun causes the seasons not the tilt of the earth. If the earth moved to the other side of the sun and only rotated once every 24 hours as we are told it would be facing away from the sun in winter at midday. If earth were rolling on a track around the sun to face it every 24 hours it would take much longer than 365 days given the said size of the earth verses the orbital distance. SOMETHING IS WRONG!! We experience gradual darkness every 24 hours. That is because the sun is moving not earth. When the earth does move YOU FEEL IT. Am I right?

A plane travels 15 hours at constant distance from the surface of the earth (altitude) never descending or tilting but remaining flat and level. That means YOU ARE ON A FLAT PLANE. If you are traveling over a flat plane constant altitude for 15 hours at 30,000 feet, in 64 miles the sphere would rapidly drop away from you over 3000 more feet. If a gyroscope indicates you are flat and level as you are actually curving over a ball, how would you set the gyroscope to follow an actual flat and level trajectory off the planet? Why do rockets always arc up then back down again? Because they are landing in the ocean as we are clearly shown in NASA footage over and over again. They show us the truth but indoctrination keeps people from realizing it. If we wanted a rocket in orbit as quickly as possible and using as little fuel as possible we would send in a straight flat level trajectory at a 45 degree angle from the point of departure, not in a huge arc or even straight up. Where are all of the millions of satellites around earth? You would see them at night. You would see them in “photos” of earth. But all images are cgi. I could go on. But you get my point. It is possible to put crafts in the sky with solar power circling above us over the flat circular area we call earth. But it costs money and energy to do that. This is why NASA fakes everything. They take the money instead of using it to do useless things like put a craft in orbit or a camera. If you understood the math of getting Hubble into orbit you would see that it is impossible given the payload and fuel needed. Don Petit said ” we had the technology to go to the moon but we lost it. It takes too much work to get it back”. But “we are going to Mars when we figure out how to get past the impenetrable barrier” that we somehow miraculously crossed when we went to the moon?

So why am I not worried that I am wrong and could be ridiculed as an idiot? Because I am ridiculed no matter what anyway. But it is a fact that the Toroid model is flawless and the heliocentric model is flawed. I am not saying I know the absolute truth but that it is possible and even highly probable that we are lied to in order to keep us under control. Call me crazy but I think believing everything government and corporations tell you is crazy. Scientists are not all stupid. And poeple that investigate Flat Earth are not all religious nuts that do not use science. I am saying scientists assume the earth is ball without proof and that is not science. It is not their job to tell us what to believe or to believe anything themselves. Their job is to provide evidence and perform experiments, postulate and serve humanity. QUESTION EVERYTHING. Belief is holding on to something as truth which often prevents us from getting to the actual truth. Believe what you want but know that you could be wrong. Look for motive and the greatest motive for a control freak is to CONTROL EVERYTHING and EVERYONE. What happens when control freaks have all the money and power? Look around.

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COVID 19-The Plandemic

It doesn’t matter if you believe this current pandemic was started because of bats in China, if it was intentionally released by Chinese government, if it was an accident or intentional. What matters is that you understand the opportunity that presents itself to the “powers that be” when something like this occurs. I can provide plenty of evidence to suggest this pandemic was planned. This idea that the world controllers could easily use a pandemic as an excuse to control the masses and take away freedoms has been seen over and over again in history, on television, movies and in novels. In fact the “coronavirus” was specifically mentioned in the novel where a “fictional” pandemic took place in Wuhan China. If you believe those kinds of coincidences are random then good for you. But if we want to be cautious and logical let us look at the facts.

The corona virus is the common cold. They are calling the coronavirus of 2019 COVID 19 because it is said to be a mutation that much more deadly while simultaneously medical experts tell us that the virus can be destroyed with 80 degree temperatures, stomach acid, vitamin C etc. The survival rate for Covid 19 is 99.5 percent. In other words the information is contradictory. The media is inciting fear and panic among the masses. The truth is that the powers that be can profit greatly from this pandemic. And the circumstances around this entire fiasco are questionable to say the least. We are told that it has mutated due to bats not being properly managed in markets in China. One month before the first person was diagnosed with Covid 19 Bill Gates was attending a convention where he spoke about the coming world wide pandemic, started by animals. In October the patent for the Digital tracking system using body activation was finalized.The first case of COVID was in November of 2019. Is Bill Gates psychic? And fortunately for him he has stock in Big Pharma vaccines. Another fact is that this virus seems to be producing strange symptoms similar to radiation sickness. the virus began to spread in each country that also happened to be activating 5G at the very same time. Curiously 5G radiation is said to cause the same kinds of symptoms we are seeing with these COVID 19 patients.  Fortunately for Bill Gates, he has stock in 5G wireless. Or maybe unfortunately for him because it does seem to make him look very suspicious in all of this. Gates, the man that has been talking about population control for eons, and has predicted a world wide pandemic is in the perfect position to benefit from that very thing.

How does 5G tie into all of this? 5G wireless can be used to connect to each individual via nanotechnology inside the human body. If you look up the patent for Covid 19 you will find the Digital Identification Body Activation technology with the patent number’s last 6 digits. . .060606. The intention is to use a patch that has tiny needles that will actually tattoo the skin when a person is “vaccinated” with this identification technology. They can track our every move, thought and whether or not we are ill. They will not only know every detail about our existence and location, they will be able to use us as energy sources via 5G towers. Unfortunately, they can potentially also inject anything they want into our bodies. You must know that. It has been reported by insiders that they are using DNA from animals in their vaccinations. The scientist that came forward, Dr Mikovitz claims that she helped them to be able to get the virus to duplicate inside the cell wall. She is now calling out head of CDC, Dr Fauci and the CDC for their deceitful participation in locking down the world population in an attempt to secretly integrate humanity with Artificial Intelligence. 

You might say this chapter in the history of mankind is biblical in proportion. I have observed strange events taking place all over the world from blood red rivers to strange creatures being recorded in the skies and on land. People are recording plasma balls and iridescent skies, ufos, phantazoids, angels, ghosts and all types of phenomenon now at a time when almost everyone is armed with a camera. Something is changing on a mass scale. This is in alignment with what the scriptures and ancient cultures referred to as the end times, “rapture”, rise of the Anti Christ, Return of Christ event. Many have recorded two suns in the sky. The sun is glowing in the sky. Strange isolated clouds light up with lightening and no thunder. Millions of birds are dropping out of the sky. Whales and other sea life are stranding themselves on shore. The reason I believe this is connected to the pandemic is because it would make sense that the elite rulers would need an excuse to start integrating as many people as they can into their artificial intelligence construct. I believe this is the “Beast” or Anti Christ system. The reason they would do this is because these very messed up control freaks thrive on control and cannot feel compassion. They know that humanity is about to shift into the next octave or harmonic resonant state of being. I believe they know that our DNA is changing naturally and we are becoming “activated” so to speak to regain our true innate abilities. This is my view. I am not asking anyone to believe it. I am simply showing you why I believe it. They know that their time is short as we were told in revelations “the devil knows he hath but a short time” and they must quickly get this AI system into place before the coming Plasma Event.UFOs flying through Lightning Strike - June 15, 2014 |UFO Sightings Hotspot

Weird glowing light spotted over Netherlands: plasma discharge event? -- High Strangeness ...

I maintain that the Plasma Event is the Return of Christ. I have written before that Christ is a title not one man coming in the clouds because believe it or not many people still do not know this. They actually think Christ is Jesus’s last name or identifies him specifically. There were many Christ figures before him. I hate to break that to the Christians out there. The scriptures from all cultures make Christ synonymous with the sun. Jesus said “I am the light of the world”. I don’t know how much clearer this could be. He was certainly not being arrogant. This was an analogy for the SUN as well as the inner “sun” being the inner light we SEE with our third eye as well as representing the Pure Soul/SOL. Christ returns in OUR FLESH because we become “activated” as I said and as we are clearly told in the scriptures. Jesus said “Ye are all gods” and Paul said “The Christ is within you”. They were telling us that this is internal “If they say ‘look’ the Christ is here or over there do not believe them for the Christ is within”. Jesus said “Call no man the Father but your Father in Heaven”. Did he mean a man floating in the sky? Is that logical? Or was he referring to the one Higher Consciousness we all are connected to in the form of Plasma Light? Jesus becomes CHRIST by being one with the Father. How can he become one with the Father if he IS already GOD the Father? How can he be God and the son of God at the same time? This only makes sense in one context which people seem to be unwilling to accept. 

The plasma event followed by a great flood was recorded by the ancients. It has happened many times causing a reset. However the energy was cycling down until now. We are now seeing and feeling a rise in vibratory frequency as we experience what is called the Golden Age or Age of Aquarius. The Vedics called it the Kali Dwapara. The sun programs all life and it stands to reason that if the sun were to vibrate faster we would be effected by the codes of light on the molecular level. Scientists have proven that they can change the DNA of a salamander embryo into a frog by changing the genetic code with light. Everything is LIGHT. It is the vibration that determines whether something resonates harmonically or not.  And the specific patterns formed by the symmetry of waves of all things that vibrate determine what they are, their density, their signature which is a code just like writing code for a computer. The scripture have hidden within them numeric codes that reveal the title “Christ” in Greek is equivalent to 2020. In all cultures the Osiris, Christ, Krishna, etc all died on the cross and rose again after three days; in December on the winter solstice just as the sun does every year. However this year; 2020 aligns with the end of the seven year tribulation and as I pointed out was referred to in biblical code. Could it be that this is the year of the rapture where the central sun will shift to the next octave and put on a display for the world to see? Could it be that we are all about to ascend genetically to the next level and gain super human type abilities that we were designed to use? I myself (after pineal activation) can remote view and have seen certain events such as the Paris bombing before it happened. But we have been kept at such a low vibration that we have not been able to access those abilities in the past. The controllers control the food, medicine and technologies as well as the water these days. Everything is toxic and we are deliberately kept in a state of dissonance. If this natural ascension were pending now and the elite know about it, they would be scrambling as they are now to initiate their Space “Farce”, as they are now, and to get people integrated into the AI digital system via vaccinations which President Trump has said wants done before the end of the year. If you accept this technology into your body you will be assimilated into their Anti Christ system and possibly rendered no longer “human”. 

                                                Are they mocking us? 

You could ignore everything I am postulating but what if I am right? Why risk it? It is easy to be brave in theory about resisting the devil. But no one really knows what they will do when there is a gun to their head, when they are starving or even if they are threatened with their iphone being taken away. People kill each other over toys during Christmas.  Do you have the ability to sacrifice your luxuries and comforts maybe even your life for the true Christ Ascension? Do you? Most people can’t even resist one more chocolate cookie. It is ironic. People are losing their minds over “reports” of deaths from a common cold virus said to be a mutation that produces the same symptoms as radiation sickness while it goes virtually unnoticed that a child starves to death every ten seconds. Death has never been the problem. Everyone dies. The problem is that people fear death and have no idea how to die lucidly and steer their consciousness into higher realms. I believe that is exactly what the Jesus teachings, Tibetan, Mayan, Native American and ancient Egyptian teachings were about. The way out of this purgatory is through the SUN of GOD; the Light of the world. When we die, unless we choose to merge with artificial intelligence, we will only ascend to the higher realms if we accept Christ as the savior. Christ is the SUN and the heart frequency programmed by the SUN. That is why Jesus is pointing to his heart. “No one goes to the Father but through me” he said. Jesus is the “Heart”. The heart has no ego. The heart has the strongest EM field of the body which is the Holy Spirit joined with the Father which is the Highest Mind. Father Sun and Holy Spirit are the trinity and the way out of this world. The way that we are saved through Christ is when we choose the SUN over the Anti Christ system. Do you see how this all falls into place? If you are looking to a man like Trump or an alien or any man or woman as your savior you are looking at the Anti Christ as your savior. Our savior is WITHIN US. The SUN is not an external object but ethereal LIGHT. We only see a very tiny fragment of the spectrum of the sun as visible light. We are seeing the collective SOULS of all human beings in a state of love (Lo Phi) when we see the sun. Is it possible we are seeing individual souls ascending after they leave the body, when we see these plasma ufos in the sky? Any artificial crafts are not of the natural world. This is what it is all coming down to. It is not as complicated as the church made it out to be in order to deceive and control billions.  This is a choice between immortal organic spirit through CHRIST LIGHT (harmonic resonance), love, compassion or clinging to the personality, fear, addiction, artificial technologies and delusion (The Anti Christ System) . Choose well, be in love and stay lucid my friends. 

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How the Anti Christ Hijacked Christianity

When you say “I trust in God” or “I believe in God”, you must know that it is an ambiguous statement and anyone can step into the role of God. We have to define God if we wish to communicate effectively. Otherwise there is no point in speaking at all when it comes to being one with creation. The God of the creation is not the same as a god that takes credit for creation, punishes, commands murder then says “Do not kill”. That is a lesser god. There is so much contradiction in the bible and within Christianity because of trickery. When I talk about being a Christian or say “Christ is coming” I do not have the same definition as most so called Christians because modern Christianity is corrupted by Anti Christian concepts. That is why I do not call myself a Christian or Buddhist or use labels at all. Using labels is a form of deception. I will explain. 

Most modern Christians do not see that they are already deceived by the same Anti Christ system or mind construct that they preach is “coming”. We are indeed facing what is an ultimate control system of the material world. The people in power always take their control system to the next level every time the mass consciousness ascends to higher levels of awareness. This is the game of these insiders that are aware of the true nature of reality and how religions were corrupted. Some use this information for the “good fight” and other are self serving control freaks. The issue with Christianity is that, like other religions the words and languages that instruct us on the mysteries of creation were hijacked and confused. The bible says “We shall confuse their languages” (so that they cannot be like the gods). The gods are the controllers. Clearly we are told this in the bible yet people do not seem to understand that language is used to deceive people even within the Christian religion. The original Aramaic language describes a physiological process of becoming “Christed” just like becoming a Buddha or a wise sage, a practitioner of SPIRITUAL BEING. This was confused by teaching a different context. For example a secret agent might say “The pigeon is in the coup. I repeat the pigeon is in the coup”. What they mean however is that the suspect just walked into the house. Secret sects use code to communicate something or to deceive others. Inversion is the oldest trick in the book when it comes to manipulation. In this way someone is able to speak the truth and in the same breath allow the listener to believe a false context. Ivana Trump said,

“Perception is more important than reality. If someone perceives something to be true, it is more important than if it is in fact true. This doesn’t mean you should be duplicitous or deceitful, but don’t go out of your way to correct a false assumption if it plays to your advantage.”

She clearly does not actually understand that allowing someone to believe a falsity and using that to your advantage is in fact a deception. It is trickery used by these tricksters that have ruled the world for thousands of years. Her father, Donald Trump taught her this because his father taught him. It is part of the Freemason secrets that are handed down to initiates. There is a reason billionaires have power and wealth. It is not because they give freely and seek to be humble and like Christ. They learn from an early age how to deceive others in order to make money. Every commercial that is selling a product has to appeal to your hierarchy of needs; your ego, to make you want to smoke, buy that car, by flowers on Valentines day. That is trickery.

 “Christians” say they believe in the teachings of Jesus yet they do the exact opposite of the teachings. Jesus said “Christ is within”. He said “When you make the eye single the body is full of light”. Most preachers just ignore this or say it and then do not attempt to explain it. Jesus’s life story is an analogy for a physiological process in the body whether people want to believe it or not. Just like the pigeon in the coup. Whether you believe it was meant to be taken that way or not is up to you but it is still an analogy. The way to know for certain the correct context of the story of the son of God dying on the cross and rising again, is to use logic and reason. Whether this character, Jesus was an actual person or not, what was the intention of the teaching? He was trying to save our souls. How did he try to do that? If he were truly able to walk on water and heal the sick and was the son of God performing miracles why couldn’t he just live forever on earth with humans and save us all from suffering? The facts, we are told, that he came in the flesh and then he died and is no longer walking around in the flesh. Afterwards, billions and billions of people were born into suffering horrible fates, starvation, murder, torture, rape and nothing has changed. Therefore logic and reason tells us he was giving us instructions on how to save our own souls. We have to do the work. He obviously can not do that for us. If the goal is to be in heaven with Jesus why are we all here in the first place? Why would God create humans and place a tree of knowledge of good and evil then tell us not to eat from it or we shall surely die? Why would we die from learning about good and evil? Surely you must know that there is more to this than simply believing the context of one person eating an actual fruit that gave them knowledge of good and evil. There must be a different context that we are not seeing. Only when you study etymology of words, languages, can see with your intuition as well as logic and reason rather than simply spouting off passages and believing in God because your preacher told you to, are you actually doing what JESUS told you to do. He said “Seek and you shall find”. When you make the eye single you are using your intuition and seeing beyond duality thinking which is “Good and evil”. Then you “have eyes to see”. When we see everything in terms of good and evil we automatically form biased opinions which can lead to false conclusions. Could it be that this is what is meant by “You shall surely die”. That is on the mental level. And on the physical level, if we do not practice balanced living and understand our physiological ability to activate our heart energy and third eye (Single eye) our bodies do not resonate at a harmonic frequency and we become ill and age rapidly. In the world the same applies. If we are exposed to toxins and dissonant frequencies such as certain  music, EM fields, radiation, pollution, we cannot thrive as we were intended to at this level. When humans began micromanage the outer world rather than living as one with nature by her own terms we created imbalance and we became literally dead in Christ. 

It is logical to me that the ultimate battle for a control freak is to control others even to the extent of controlling souls. Artificial Intelligence is the last great battle in this game as it is the only way controllers can control humans before they ascend consciously en masse. This event is synonymous with a Solar Plasma event that is equivalent to the inner Christ returning. The inner Christ and outer Christ are synchronistic. As above so below. As our consciousness rises we see it reflected in the world and as an event. This event was recorded in the past. It is not difficult to oberve how everything in nature is cyclical. Consciousness expands and contracts like ebb and flow of the tides. The controllers would want to be able to get as many people integrated with their artificial technologies before the natural ascension process occurs. This is exactly what I would do if I were a control freak and because everything that is now happening was prophesied by awakened beings from the past. We are told the Anti Christ is “coming” first, and only then they will be saved by Jesus in the clouds. This only makes sense in a specific context. First of all, the Anti Christ system has been in place for thousands of years. We have gone through mane resets because of it. We are trapped in a cycle of deception because people refuse to see the game. If I were a control freak I would mask the arrival of the third Anti Christ figure and keep the masses believing the Anti Christ system is still coming for as long as I could. In this way they postpone the return of Christ because it depends on mass consciousness waking up! We are “Sleeping Beauty” trapped in our own nightmare thinking we will be saved by a Prince Charming. People are using the technologies that a hand full of people create and hoard. We depend upon the food and resources they hoard. They occupy, enslave and even kill self sustained, indigenous peoples to serve their agenda.

Logos is logic. Use it. We are told Christ is the “son” and “light” of the world.  What is the light of the world, the morning star and evening star? The sun. God said let there be light. Therefore how can GOD be light? There is visible light and invisible light to our eyes. GOD is SOPHIA the unseen light, faceless and nameless moving over the face of the deep. Light is LUCIFER. LIGHT BEARER. Originally they called that LUCIFER, but the minute I say that people scream “That is satanic!” No Lucifer means light bearer. Satan means “Opposer”.  Satan is the word to describe anyone that uses trickery to deceive from the archetypes of nature to people or spirits. LUCIFER is not a horned beast BUT the FALLEN ANGEL. This is consciousness which is a state of light/matter vibrating at a rate at which we cannot see (ethereal) to a rate in which we can see (visible light). Lucifer fell from SOPHIA , from heavenly unseen light to visible light. Sophia is the unseen light, the Black Madonna. None of this is evil. But humans use this information in various ways. Some use it to control others with secret symbols and some do not. Claiming to be Luciferian does not necessarily mean you are evil unless you do not really know the meaning of the word. Anyone can claim to be Christian but that does not mean they are “good” people that always do good things or know the true meaning of Christ.  Lucifer is the the light and masculine aspect of the SUN of the creator.  Without this cosmic construct we would not be experiencing this material reality. The inner sun is also the pineal and all seeing eye. I personally have activated by third eye vision and can see other places, people, past and present. That does not mean I think I am God or that I use it to deceive people.  We were given these abilities. They are organic human abilities that have been kept from us, hidden for centuries by the elite rulers and the Church. To use this as a way to deceive people is obviously not right. But to use your third eye for intuition and to be able to navigate your world without being enslaved to technologies cannot possibly be seen as bad. In fact we are told to be one with the Father (Higher Consciousness) and the Christ within is the Father. We are talking about our access to higher consciousness.

 “Christ” originates from the word “Cristos” which means one who is anointed with oil. Does that mean you can put holy oil on your head and eat blessed wafers and be one with Christ? No. This is referring to a physiological process inside the body. Everyone has two oils in their brains that descend down the spine every month. They are from the pineal and pituitary. These oils must vibrate at a specific harmonic resonance in order for the body to operate optimally as it was intended. So you can see how the story of Jesus being born of a virgin Mari (pure oil/feminine/pituitary) and Joseph ( savior/pineal) is synonymous with the bodily processes when uncontaminated with toxins and impure thoughts. You can see how the journey down down the spine is synonymous with the journey of Joseph and Mari into Jerusalem (meaning The Hearth of God) is the manger and the journey out of Sodom and Gemorrah (meaning the place of waste), is how you raise the seed with staining from sexual lust. The place of the skull is Galgotha. Do you see that they are talking about the brain and body here and not simply locations on earth? However these are also places on earth marking the temples of the body. Google Earth clearly shows us that this is true.These observable facts lead us to more truths about the true structure of the world and the giants that actually lived on this flat earth plane which is another topic. If we knew the truth about these things it would be more difficult to control the masses. Because the true world model demonstrates how all things are designed from the atom to the human spirit body. We are self sustained energy beings when operating optimally. We do not need the hoarded technologies to survive. And when the Christ returns we will all see this plasma light because it comes from the central vortex of a flat accretion disc of a toroid just as the Vedic accounts described thousands of years ago. This event will organically change all life forms “In a blink of an eye”. It could be that the collective causes that event and that is why we are kept in a low vibratory state, sick and in fear. Or it could be that this event is cosmic first and programs all life on all planes of existence. Either way, it comes to this: We can release fear and practice raising our chrism to be one with the natural creator as we were instructed or integrate with artificial intelligence, the beast system which is ultimately controlled by “the gods”. It is our choice. But in order to make that choice you have to wake up to the this truth. 

It is a tangled web we weave. But one thing is for certain. You cannot climb out of this labyrinth and pretend to be saved when you refuse to use the tools of divine creation within you to wake up and have the eyes to see that you are trapped in a dream within a dream. We should not be afraid of the these things that were hidden and demonized by the church to enslave you. Compassionate teachings from Siddhartha the Buddha and Jesus the Christ are meant to wake us up. The least you can do is seek and find just as they recommended.

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