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Marcus Rogers Is STILL Down With the IllumiNAUGHTY | Are Youtubers Who Makes Videos Of Me(Marcus Rogers) Under Demonic Influence? What Do They All Have In Common?

This is what it looks like when a competent deceiver(Tamara Magdalene) calls out an incompetent deceiver(Marcus Rogers). I used to really like Marcus Rogers. Up until he allegedly murdered his boy during a “botched river Baptism” and started throwing out the horns in his videos. Then he comes out with an album cover of him crowning the serpent and he has the gall to gaslight and label anyone who called him out as racist? If you look at many of the channels who call out Marcus, they are deceivers too! Of varying competence levels, but deceivers nonetheless. Quinn Michaels(Lucifer himself) is even in the mix.

I still like Marcus on a personal level and think he might still be salvageable. Maybe I’m being naive by thinking that and am letting my personal feelings get in the way, being that I used to like Marcus a lot and still can’t help but feel a certain affinity for him despite his obvious legion possession.

Some older videos of Marcus shapeshifting can be found HERE.

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