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Crater Earth – The Story of PlanaXis | Sirius B: Is there a split-off society ? Crater-X aka “Planet-X” | Parasitic Mind Control: The Chemical Imbalance Myth

The duo of Radiation Matters & Godgevlamste have been knocking it out the park of late. These 3 most recent videos of theirs are revolutionary and mind-bending. You might need to watch them a few times over and if you’re new to them you’re going to have to watch their older videos to catch yourself up on the subject matter. I also threw in a relevant fascinating video from Conspiracy R’Us that gives some insane testimony by a doctor who was researching schizophrenic patients and the shocking things he uncovered about the true nature of the illness and the involvement of these parasitic life-force draining entities and their fear of Jesus.

Crater Earth – The Story of PlanaXis (VIDEO)

In the story of Planaxis we dive deeper into the terraforming process of our craters bio-sphere into the imagine of Titans and have a more detail look into the black and white projector system.thats linked with the red an blue energyfield, the Titans and Olympians

To understand this video better you might have to watch my previous Crater Earth videos The Saturn Polar Configuration/The Chi RA Countdown / MinoRa Nutshell / The Escape Floor Plan / Remember the Titans

After initiating its first attack through the Saturn polar configuration , the parasite has pressurized our hearths and Earths bio-field with thousands of years of deception with war , hate , racism, isolation and many other unloving projections on humanity,

We are under pressure as powers are centralising its energy field in order to create a split in society and families using fear and ignorence of the self.

By increasing acidic levels in our evironment, humanity is facing a tough and full-hearted time of spiritual and physical pressure, will we allow the parasite to gain fully access to our torus field or are we gonna energize our own hearts to return the balance to save our world and our crater?

Crater Earth: Sirius B

Parasitic Mind-Control (VIDEO) – ORIGINAL YOUTUBE LINK

Exploring the “Chemical Imbalance Myth” as it relates to Schizophrenia and possible parasitic influences on people in general. Are all your thoughts your own? Link to full interview in video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6MVdf…

Remember the Titans (VIDEO)

The Saturn Polar Configuration (VIDEO)

Following the work and research of Thunderboltsproject , the electric universe, and the Crater Earth concept by godgevlamste, i combine research into a video about the arrival of the Saturn parasite cult through an electrical charged arc, is this the arc of the covenant?
This electrical discharge event is known as the ancient polar configuration.

Our world has a history full of violence, wars and duality, in which humans are forced and challenged to reach full potentials in almost impossible conditions, triggering the dark side of our consiousness in repeating circles of manifestations which lead to pressurizing peoples hearts and compassion to its maximum limit.

Are we following the serpents way into an alienated world or will we see through the deception and accept our world got infected long time ago, a new age is comming, a big reset they say, will we fight and protect our hearts torus field or will we succumb to the parasites forcefield and its New World Order? I say follow the heart, no fear and act in the name of love

The songs Very Ape and Milk It by Nirvana and Black Hole Sun/ Soundgarden tell us about the ancient and continue battle we have with the parasites, there are many more artist who have tried to warn us but these ones are my favourite

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