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Video Shows U.S. Capitol Police Gave Protesters OK to Enter

You’d think that this would be an open and shut case. We have an embarrassment of riches when it comes to evidence of what really happened on January 6. What the lamestream called a violent armed insurrection of Trump supporters was in actuality an meticulously organized and staged false flag theatrical extravaganza that was put in by hired actor agents and intelligence personnel who were both trying to frame Trump supporters as violent extremists trying to overthrow the country, while also seizing the opportunity to carry out some kind of Occult transformation ritual.

IGNORED BY THE MEDIA ELITES AND FBI: List of 20 Individuals at the Capitol on January 6th – All Appear to be Connected to Antifa or Far Left Groups — Nwo Report

Most, if not all of the characters we saw that day who made their way into into the building, ended up being quickly identified as left-wing provocateurs who had been present at numerous BLM & ANTIFA rallies in a variety of different locations across the country leading up to that point. Always front and center, directly in front of the cameras, spewing divisive rhetoric that anyone with a spec of discernment accumen could see was obviously scripted as it contained all the cringy talking points and used all the lamestream vocabulary we hear repeated at nauseum from the lefty parrot pundits. So the fact that we still hear MSNBC and CNN continue to complain that Trump inspired his base to storm the Capitol Building that day and ended up carrying out an armed insurrection, goes beyond a mere laughable mischaracterization and at this point should instead be regarded as criminal slander and an act of domestic terrorism. All the actor-agent provocateurs who were involved in this staged coup and attempt to frame the peaceful conservatives who were there that day need to be rounded up and forced to face a military tribunal for treason, sedition and fraud. Promptly executing them would be best for all involved.

Source: Amgreatness.com

Video Shows U.S. Capitol Police Gave Protesters OK to Enter

By Julie Kelly | May 16, 2021

Anewly-obtained video shows United States Capitol Police officers speaking with several January 6 protestors—including Jacob Chansley, the so-called “Q shaman”—inside the Capitol that afternoon.

One officer, identified in the video and confirmed by charging documents as Officer Keith Robishaw, appears to tell Chansely’s group they won’t stop them from entering the building. “We’re not against . . . you need to show us . . . no attacking, no assault, remain calm,” Robishaw warns. Chansley and another protestor instruct the crowd to act peacefully. “This has to be peaceful,” Chansley yelled. “We have the right to peacefully assemble.”


Rumble — In this short clip, Capitol Police officer Keith Robishaw warns protesters—including “Q shaman” Jacob Chansley—inside the Capitol Building on January 6 against using violence. Chansley and another protester are then seen instructing other protesters to be nonviolent as they exercise their right to assemble.

The video directly contradicts what government prosecutors allege in a complaint filed January 8 against Chansley: “Robishaw and other officers calmed the protestors somewhat and directed them to leave the area from the same way they had entered. Chansley approached Officer Robishaw and screamed, among other things, that this was their house, and that they were there to take the Capitol, and to get Congressional leaders.”

Chansley later is seen entering the Senate chambers with a police officer behind him; he led several protesters in prayer and sat in Vice President Mike Pence’s chair. (The man in the yellow sweatshirt is William Watson, who was out on bond for allegedly trafficking marijuana and LSD. He was arrested in January.)

Chansley is not charged with assaulting an officer; he faces several counts for trespassing and disorderly conduct. He has been incarcerated since January, denied bail awaiting trial. He has no criminal record.

American Greatness obtained the video from RMG News. The 44-second clip is reportedly part of a much longer video that has yet to be released.

CAPITOL RIOT TRUTH: UNSEEN FOOTAGE(Parts 1-4) | DC Police Coordinated w/ ANTIFA: Witness & Supporting Video | MORE ASHLI BABBIT CRISIS ACTOR FRAUD | The FAKE Death of Brian Sicknick – DC Staged Riot Propaganda

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. Crisis actors are some of the lowest forms of human life in existence. In fact, many, if not most of them are very likely mind controlled intelligence assets or even full fledged non-human synthetics or organic Robotoids that were manufactured solely for carrying out False Flag operations like this. Though, both Ms. Babbit and the now notorious John Sullivan have been on the scene for a while committing their acts of antagonistic despicability and straight-up domestic terror campaigns right out in the open with the mainstream media ready to back them up when called upon. So I don’t think they are temporary “throw-away” agents. They seem to be a bit more important and high up in the intelligence community hierarchy of actor-agent-provocateurs. But their careers should be over with after this, but who really knows? The stuff they attempt to pull these days is only becoming more and more brazen. I remember they even decided to use Christine Blasey-Ford in a propoganda piece about Covid when she posed as some concerned family member outside of a nursing home facility in the immediate aftermath of the Kavanaugh circus. So they really just don’t give a fuck and will reuse these crisis actors over and over. No one holds them accountable.

The Great Crisis Actors & How To Overcome The Divide | SOURCE: 153NEWS.NET/CIVIL SHEPHERD

DC Police Coordinated With ANTIPHA in Attacking the Capitol Building – Witness & Supporting Video | SOURCE: 153NEWS.NET/LPZ

The “Trump supporter attack” on the DC Capitol was completely FAKE. ANTIFA and BLM impostors, helped along by the DC police themselves! Doors opened for them, and police actually leading the way.

Antifa, which sarcastically claims to be “anti-fascist”, uses fascist intimidation and false flags to undermine peaceful protest, and further support the criminal vote fraud of 2020.

Using gang memeber identification signs, such as wearing certain kinds of camouflage and turning MAGA hats backward at certain times, they coordinate with each other, with certain police officers, and military. Antifa is used as a controlled opposition “enemy” of corrupt government and police. Antifa helps them create excuses for shutting down legitimate protest, and framing political enemies.

The whole obvious purpose for this being, to divert attention away from the massive vote fraud crimes of 2020, and attempting to discredit anyone who objects to pe

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