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ANTIFA TRIES TO KILL ANDY NGO…AGAIN | Andy Ngo Confirms Violent Antifa Attack and Shares the Harrowing Details

Poor Andy…NOT.

Andy Ngo claims to be a Portland native yet speaks with a British accent. He chose this gig as a “boots-on-the-ground” actor-agent who sparks division and inflames narratives, so he shouldn’t be surprised when he incurs the wrath of the Marxist savage Federal snitches that his bosses have pitted him up against. Don’t get me wrong, all those ANTIFA members need to be thrown in wood chippers as far as I’m concerned. They are the scum of our society and not enough is being done to dissuade young people from joining that despicable movement. Part of the problem is that the damn thing was started and funded by the Feds and certain Oregon State leaders to begin with. So they don’t seem to be going anywhere. But Andy Ngo is not an authentic journalist who’s just out there doing his job. He’s an actor-agent too. ANTIFA can’t be expected to care that they are both funded by the same people. They are way too unintelligent to pick up on the reality of that dynamic anyway. So unfortunately for Andy, ANTIFA is going to mess Andy up badly at every opportunity that presents itself simply because of how bad he makes them look when he reports on them. Something that isn’t that hard to do anyway. All one has to do is post raw video of whatever ANTIFA happens to be up to and its inevitably going to portray them in the light they deserve to be portrayed in. Which isn’t a very flattering one. But Andy should know by now that ANTIFA does not operate on a high enough frequency to be expected to ever figure out their status at Federal pawns and should know they are going to react to him like the low-IQ animals they are.

Those ANTIFA low-lifes don’t even seem that scary. Dangerous…yes. But so scary that I’d let them do to me what they’ve done to Andy? Hell no.. Not at least without consequences. I’d fuck those losers up badly if it were me in Andy’s position. He doesn’t appear to be built for this. He should have known better.

I’m available for hire by the way. But I don’t think they want anyone down there willing to report the truth.

Andy Ngo Confirms Violent Antifa Attack and Shares the Harrowing Details

RedState / 2021-06-03 10:36


Journalist Andy Ngo, who specializes in documenting the violent Antifa movement, was violently attacked again. He confirmed the event and who the culprits were in a lengthy Twitter thread. This marks the second time in as many years that Ngo has been ruthlessly beaten by Antifa members.

Redstate had originally reported the rumor that Ngo was the one being chased some nights ago. That turned out to be true.

I’m going to post the lengthly part of his thread that details the attack itself, but in short, a mob of Antifa members figured out who he was in Portland, ripped his mask off, assaulted and injured him, chased him into a hotel, and then beat on the windows trying to get in until the police finally arrived. This came after numerous calls to “murder” Ngo had gone forth.

While Ngo’s account is comprehensive, there are a few other things that stand out to me here. That the hotel would ask him to put on a mask as he’s being chased by a violent mob, after Fauci himself was exposed for privately admitting masks don’t work, is almost comical in its absurdity. But I digress, the fact that the hotel didn’t want to help him, refusing to even call 911, is the far bigger issue. What kind of business tells someone to leave as a violent mob is trying to possibly kill them? Watch the video clip in the fourth tweet. It’s absolutely shocking.

Past that, the lack of policing in Portland is an obvious problem, and that problem stems from the leadership of the police department and the city itself. Residents have continued to put far-left activists in positions of power. This is the result — anarchy and a complete lack of protection of basic rights. Ngo, whether Antifa clowns like it or not, has a right to document their behavior in public places.

I’ll end by noting that how the mainstream media treat these attacks on Ngo is just disgraceful. Jim Acosta can get heckled and it’s national news while Ngo can get physically beaten and there’s a total black-out of coverage. I don’t care if you are a journalist who sympathizes with Antifa. There’s no excuse to stand idly by and not denounce violence against another journalist, and yes, Ngo is a journalist by every objective definition. He’s certainly more trustworthy than most of the hacks over at CNN and the like.

One can only hope that the people in Portland wake up from their partisan stooper and put a stop to this eventually.

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