Jab Side Effects, VacGate/Demonjuice

Huge Hour-Long Magnet Sticking Compilation

I wonder what Snopes will have to say about this? No one should give a shit about what Snopes has to say about anything. I don’t even know why I keep bringing them up. Oh, it’s because those lying sacks of shit continue to appear at the top of any search result that includes the phrase “fact check”. That’s why. Like I said, I’m not trying to dissuade anyone from getting jabs anymore. If there is still any kind of question in your mind about the safety of these vaccines and you are still considering getting it, then you should go out and get it. The world will be better off. Make your appointment ASAP.

[MIRROR] from Jennifer Spengler
Magnet Challenge Tested on Random People! (From the HighWire May 20, 2021)
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