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The Black Cube of Saturn EL

This YouTube channel rivals me as far as the number of playlists they have of similar subject matter. You can spend a lot of time browsing through all the videos that this person has collected. The following documentary on the Saturn Cube is pretty badass too.

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Black Cube of Saturn

Semitic civilizations made reference to the ancient deity Saturn under the “El” agnomen. This spiritual animus represented eternity and the totality of existence, and was formally recognized as the progenitor of every conceivable metaphysical pantheon ascribed to such celestial personages. This omnipresent entity is synonymous with the black cube.

WRITTEN ADDENDUM: A veritable montage of cube themed/ aesthetically inspired constructs decorate various aspects of the societal landscape, most notably in the Entertainment Industry, with the inclusion of a device known as a Lemarchand’s Box (An interdimensional conduit that serves as a portal of entry to an alternate realm of existence) – a prominent fixture in Clive Barker’s Hellraiser movie series. The Rubik’s Cube, while seemingly innocuous in nature, can also be attributed to this particular designation, in the sense that the principal theme of this figure exists as a three-dimensional artifice possessing similar features. The Borg Collective, a transhumanistic race of aliens featured on various occasions in Gene Roddenberry’s Star Trek: The Next Generation episodic series, resided in a massive cube-shaped biomechanical construct, yet another aesthetically inspired rendition that can be attributed to Saturnian methodology. Lastly, the principal logo of the Nintendo Gamecube platform possesses a certain degree of commonality with the monolithic obsidian structure associated with Saturn’s divine nature. Similarly, there are numerous geographical locations throughout the world showcasing this particular figure, and while detractors of such findings steadfastly maintain a considerable measure of reluctance – citing mere coincidence as the sole proprietary reason for the appearance of these structures – its inherent symbolic connotation is much more difficult to dismiss.

The following cinematic references delve into such details at greater length, elaborating on the inherent nature of this Saturnian-inspired construct:

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