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Fauci emails, Wuhan, gain of function is all a distraction while they are vaxxing 12 year olds. Stay focused on that. Nothing else matters.(I THINK WE CAN GIVE BOTH TOPICS OUR CONTINUED ATTENTION) | The Human Population Has Gone Braindead: #MaskNazi Archives

Anytime the mainstream media pays this much attention to anything, you know something is up and there is something of much greater importance happening simultaneously that they are desperate to divert attention away from. They’ll continue to whip-up as many dishonest distraction-inducing narratives as they need to until Biden achieves the 70% vaccination rate among U.S. adults that his handlers have given his administration as a quota mandate.


Have they[human beings] always been like this or has someone or some-thing used some kind of advanced weaponized organic frequency-resonating technology that’s designed to affect certain wavelengths that the neurological processes of the human brain are built upon? I don’t know how else to explain the behavior I’m seeing other than to attribute it to some kind of mind control. It’s as if people have been hypnotized to ignore certain specific concepts & topics that they don’t even consciously realize they’ve been bizarely ignoring all this time. I often get the same blank stares following these exchanges that I have with zombified family members and friends. It’s as if something has overridden their natural autonomous cognitive abilities to reason and make sense of the world around them.

I went on a little Twitter terror tour while looking for #MaskNazi videos. Let’s commandeer that Covidiot hashtag for our side! They get so pissed when I tell them that it’s our terminology to use against them, not theirs to use on us. Lol… #Covidiot = #Vaxhole = #Sheepletard = #MaskNazi

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