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Leon Trabucos Lost Gold. 16 Tons of Gold Bullion Buried Somewhere in the New Mexico Desert

I downloaded the app “Unsolved Mysteries” from the Play Store and it ;contained an archive of different kinds of mysteries, including lost treasures that I had never heard of. This one stood out simply because of the sheer amount of gold.



A Mexican businessman buries 16 tons of gold in the Nevada desert.

Case File: Trabuco Treasure
Location: Farmington, New Mexico
Date: July 1933
Description: The treasure consists of several gold bars buried somewhere in New Mexico.

Background: It is believed that the treasure consisted of Mexican gold bought by several millionaires.
Investigations: None
Extra Notes: This case originally ran on the November 27, 1991 episode.
Results: Unsolved.


Leon Trabuco’s Gold

The Claim

16 tons of gold was buried in the New Mexico desert by a millionaire who died without telling anyone where it is.

In 1933 a Mexican business man named Leon Trabuco came up with a plan to make millions by selling gold in the United states after a predicted price increase. Him and 4 other men bought up all the cheap gold jewelry they could find in Mexico and melted it down in their own make-shift smelter.

In 3 months the group had gathered 16 tons in solid gold ingots and decided to move onto the next part of their plan. The idea was to smuggle the gold into the United States and hide it in a secure location, then Trabuco predicted that the price of the dollar would soon plummet due to the great depression and gold would multiply in value.

After scouting various sites, Trabuco decided the best place to hide the gold would be to bury it. The problem was that he would have had to pay heavy tax’s to both the Mexican and US governments if he moved it legally over the border which would eat up any profits.

The story go’s that Trabuco made a total of 16 flights to an area in New Mexico, somewhere near the Ute and Navajo Indian reservations where his plane was met by pickup trucks who unloaded the gold and took it to the secret burial site.

The last flight landed on July 14th, 1933 and at this point Trabuco’s plan of burying 16 tons of gold in the desert was now complete. The group waited for Trabuco’s prediction of a dollar crash to come true and surely enough it did. The group quickly made a potential profit of $7 million in a matter of a few weeks, but Trabuco thought they should wait for the price to increase further.

Then 6 months after the gold was stashed the Gold reserve act of 1934 became law which made it illegal to privately own gold.

The groups dreams of striking it rich were shattered overnight, but Trabuco believed the act would eventually change and all they had to do was wait it out. But no such change came any time soon and apparently 3 of the group died over the next 5 years. Trabuco decided to try and wait it out and claim it all for himself, but 20 years of waiting later he died, taking the location of the gold to his grave.

So is there 16 tons of gold buried in the desert or is this just another story?, unfortunately there’s no way of knowing as people doing illegal things generally don’t keep records of it, and it seems all the knowledge of it comes from nothing but rumours. But then again it would be entirely possible for a millionaire to set up, and crazier plots have happened in the past many times, so until its found, if its there to be found that is, we’ll never know

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