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Cop Arrested for Shooting Child in Head With Taser for Interrupting Fellow Officers | Police Employee Caught on Disturbing Video Groping 13yo Girl He Trapped in Elevator | Parents Catch Cop on Video ‘Puncturing Their Toddler with Unknown Object’

Are you fucking kidding me? We got 3 absolutely shocking cases of police abusing CHILDREN.

This first pig shot a child with a taser in the side of the head, point blank, all for INTERRUPTING A CONVERSATION he was having. The kid had to go to the hospital to get the prongs removed from his fucking skull. This was a child that was under his care by the way. Not the result of some call. While the child was at the hospital he ended up telling his mother that the officer had a habit of abusing him both physically and psychologically.

I can’t help myself from keeping up with and blogging about these police misconduct stories. I know it’s not good for my emotional health, blood pressure or overall state of mind, but as many people as possible need to be made aware as to just how common these types of cases are. Cases where members of our American law enforcement agencies engage in HORRIFYING, BRUTAL, SADISTIC & INEXCUSABLE criminal misconduct. While I’ll admit that there has been an increase in the number of cops who are actually arrested and held accountable by the presiding District Attorney for cases like these. This recent increase in awareness does not mean that most are held accountable. For the most part these oath breaking savages are let off with a slap on the and the loss of employment. Though many are inexplicably hired back by another agency and become Gypsy cops. All I can do is highlight these cases and hope that more District Attorneys do their job and charge these pigs. The Feds need to get up off their ass and spend less time committing fraud to get Biden off on his election fraud charges and more time weeding out dirtbags like these from our corrupt State police departments.

I also included another case in the U.K. that stuck out to me that was as bizzare as it was horrifying & disturbing to read about and watch the footage of. Footage that shows a police department employee literally chasing a teenage girl into the elevator so he could aggressively grope her chest as she flailed around desperately trying to break free. Luckily we had vivid footage of this fuckhead chasing her into the elevator and committing this horrendous act.

Then to top it off we have a case where a Special Victims police officer PUNCTURED A 2 YEAR OLD with an unknown object. Severely injuring the child. You’ll have to read that case for yourself. I can’t keep going talking about these fucking pigs without losing it.

Source: Free Thought Project

Cop Arrested for Shooting Child in Head With Taser for Interrupting Fellow Officers

Matt Agorist | June 4, 2021

West Columbia, SC — An officer who was with the Springdale Police Department has been arrested on multiple charges after he drew his taser and shot a child at point blank range in the side of his head. The child committed no crime and had merely interrupted a conversation between the violent cop and his fellow brothers in blue.

Carl Brooks Wilhelm, 36, was gainfully employed with the Springdale Police Department until he was arrested this week and now faces charges of child neglect and misconduct in office for the taser incident.

According to the arrest warrant from the South Carolina Law Enforcement Division, the child’s “mother dropped him off on April 21, 2021 so Wilhelm could take him to school. The arrest warrant states the juvenile interrupted a conversation Wilhelm was having with another officer. Wilhelm then reportedly unholstered his TASER device, pointed it at the juvenile and pulled the trigger — striking him in the left side of his head.”

Because the taser was deployed at such a close range, the child had to be transported to a local hospital in order to get the prongs surgically removed from his head.

Despite the incident unfolding in April, Wilhelm wasn’t arrested until this week. The fact that he tasered the innocent child in the head in front of two other officers who witnessed the sadistic act and failed to arrest him on the spot, also speaks to the insidious nature of the blue code of silence.

Apparently, cops can carry out utterly horrifying acts of violence against children — in front of their fellow officers — and simply walk away.

According to reports, after the child came out of the hospital, he told investigators that Wilhelm frequently threatened him with his taser and used it to scare him.

After Wilhelm’s arrest, the department released a response claiming they carried out a non-biased investigation.

The Springdale Police Department issued the following statement:

“On 04/21/2021 an incident occurred at Springdale Police Department involving former officer, Carl Wilhelm. Chief Richbourg requested SLED to investigate the incident, to ensure transparency and a non-bias investigation. Wilhelm is no longer employed with the Springdale Police Department.”

According to WIS10, Wilhelm was booked at the Lexington County Detention Center and is out on a Personal Recognizance bond.

If you have never Googled the phrase “40% police” then you may not know that multiple studies have shown that police officer families experience a rate of domestic violence far greater than the average family. We can assume this child was either the son or stepson of this cop since the boy’s mother trusted the officer to bring him to school.

The phenomenon of wife and child beating cops has been a stain on the thin blue line for decades, backed up by countless news stories, many of which are horrifying in nature. The aforementioned case is a telling reminder that 40 percent of police officer families reportedly experience domestic violence.

A simple Google search will illustrate how police officers are arrested for domestic violence on a near-weekly basis. It is also estimated that the incident rate for domestic violence is likely far higher than reported as many women and children stay silent out of fear of retaliation and the fact that their abuser’s brothers in blue will cover for them.

As this officers watching Wilhelm and refusing to arrest him illustrates, and as TFTP has previously noted, a report by a government-appointed watchdog group shows that most of the time, abusive officers who commit these crimes, do so with seeming impunity.

Fortunately, Wilhelm was eventually arrested. Hopefully, he gets the justice he so desperately deserves.

Source: Free Thought Project


Police Employee Caught on Disturbing Video Groping 13yo Girl He Trapped in Elevator

Matt Agorist June 7, 2021

Glenn Roche, 54, is a vile human being and thanks to surveillance footage from inside an elevator the world will now know just how vile. Also thanks to the surveillance footage from the elevator, this police employee will be going to jail.

On Thursday, Roche was found guilty of indecent assault of a child after frightful footage showed him sexually assault a 13-year-old girl inside an elevator.

Roche, an employee of the New South Wales police force in Sydney, Australia, is seen in the footage trapping the panic-stricken child in the elevator. After he chases her into the elevator, he blocks her exit as the doors close.

This child predator then begins repeatedly groping his victim as she frantically tries to escape his grasp. After a few utterly horrifying moments, the little girl was able to escape her attacker and was reunited with her parents and quickly told them what this monster had done.

Roche was then arrested and during the interview, he attempted to play it off as some game. But to the girl who was molested by this sicko, it was no game.

Roche told officers “my hands have slid up her body, as she slid to the ground.”

“My mind has gone off on a tangent like, this is a challenge, to me, I can get her and give her a kiss on the cheek like her two sisters and mum,” Roche said in the police interview, according to the NZ Herald.

In watching the video, it is clear that this was no game and the 13-year-old girl agrees. She explained to police that she was crying while trying to get away from him but he kept groping and kissing her.

The girl told police that he was squeezing her breasts while trapping her in the corner.

“My hand slid across there,” Roche told police, claiming there was no sexual intent.

“So there would have been some sort of contact without doubt,” he said. “Certainly no sexual gratification on my behalf.”

Roche then went on to blame the victim for the reason he groped her so much, claiming that it was her squirming and attempts to escape which made him do it.

“She contributed to that occurring by releasing her body weight and sliding through my hands,” this monster said.

After the investigation, the court did not believe his excuses and Roche was found guilty by the magistrate. Roche is set to be sentenced for his crimes in August, exactly what his sentence will be remains unclear.

However, he maintains he did nothing wrong in trapping a 13-year-old girl as she cried to escape, groping her, grabbing her breasts and kissing her. He remains on the NSW police department, however, he is currently suspended.

Warning, the video below is extremely disturbing.

Just last month, TFTP reported on a similar incident in which a parent caught a police officer in the act of molesting her daughter. Bristow police officer Bradley Don Goodin, was arrested in 2019 and charged with three counts of lewd molestation and two counts of child sexual abuse after the mother of his 9-year-old victim caught him in the act.

In May, Goodin pleaded guilty to the charges. The 9-year-old girl was one of three victims.

According to the US Attorney’s office for the Northern District of Oklahoma, Goodin, 46, pleaded guilty to abusive sexual contact with a child under 12 in Indian Country. As part of the plea agreement, he agreed to a sentence of 15 years in federal prison. U.S. District Judge Gregory K. Frizzell will make the final sentencing determination at a hearing set for Aug. 11, 2021.

Source: The Free Thought Project

Parents Catch Cop on Video ‘Puncturing Their Toddler with Unknown Object’


Savannah, GA — Imagine for a moment that your toddler is found screaming and crying in agony and bleeding from a puncture wound. You have no idea what happened so you pull out your phone to check your home surveillance system. Then imagine you find a video of your police detective neighbor abusing your toddler, and causing the puncture wound. For a family in Savannah who lives next door to Savannah Police Detective Vincent Miller, 32, this became a reality over the weekend.

Georgia Bureau of Investigation says it has arrested the Savannah Police detective for child abuse. The veteran detective was caught on the neighbor’s surveillance system abusing their 2-year-old child.

According to the limited but horrifying details of the arrest, the GBI says Miller “punctured the child with an unknown object.”

Savannah police were called out to the scene that night after the parents discovered the video and called 911. Due to the conflict of interest, the police department called out the GBI to assist in the investigation. Miller was subsequently arrested and charged with one count of first degree cruelty to children — a felony.

While the GBI continues to investigate the incident, SPD’s Internal Affairs Division has launched an internal investigation. SPD officials say Miller will be on administrative leave while the internal investigation is ongoing.

Making this case even that much more disturbing is the fact that Miller, who has been with the department for 7 years, is a detective with Savannah’s special victims unit, which investigates crimes of sex and abuse.

Had the suspect been someone else, it would have been Miller who conducted the investigation.

The department refused to go on camera to talk about the incident this week and instead released the following statement:

Savannah Police Department is launching an internal investigation following the recent arrest of an officer.

On May 15 officers were called to a Savannah residence regarding an SPD officer who had been involved in suspicious acts against a child. SPD responded and contacted the Georgia Bureau of Investigation immediately upon learning details of the claims made by the child’s parent. The GBI began an investigation resulting in the officer, Cpl. Vincent Miller, being arrested May 16 on a charge of cruelty to children – first degree.

While the GBI continues to investigate the incident, SPD’s Internal Affairs Division has launched an internal investigation. Miller, 32, will be on administrative leave while the internal investigation is ongoing.

Miller, 32, has been with the police department for seven years.

Miller is currently being held on bond at the Chatham County Detention Center. His court date is set for July 6.

If convicted, he could serve 5 to 20 years in prison.

While this case is certainly shocking, police officers abusing children — even very young ones — is no isolated incident. As we reported only weeks ago, two school resource officers were captured on video handcuffing and abusing a 5-year-old boy.

The incident took place last year but the footage from the officers’ body cameras was only recently released as part of a lawsuit brought on by the boy’s parents. In the video, police officers detain the boy because he allegedly acted out in school and then walked off campus.

Officers then used this as an excuse to berate, threaten, and verbally abuse the small child. His cries of fear and pain seemingly added fuel to their sadistic actions and the abuse continued until the boy’s mother showed up to end it.

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