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BABYFACED MONSTER: Jonathan “Alex” Freitag: Posterboy for Police Misconduct & Blatant Disregard for Civil Liberties. Used Bogus Pretextual Justification to Illegally Jail Hundreds!

He sounds like such an immature and unintelligent little chode during his Internal Affairs interview. Creme of of the Police Academy crop unfortunately.

Ex-D.C. firefighter sues Fairfax County over false arrest that sent him to prison
Prosecutors reviewing 400 cases handled by ex-Officer Jonathan Freitag, who also faces criminal probe

The extent of the corruption that has been uncovered by ASD-DOCS(love this channel) regarding this ULTRA corrupt, wildly incompetent, unintelligent, sniddy little toolbag, Jonathan “Alex” Freitag, and the Fairfax police department as a whole, is downright FRIGHTENING. No wonder this guy didn’t use his real first name outside of work. ASD-DOCS does an AMAZING job piecing together this guy’s web of systematic misconduct and presents a concise and beautifully articulated body of work that is impossible to discount or discredit. I think he’s one of the best channels of this genre on YouTube and I hope he keeps at it.

In the case of Jonathan “Alex” Freitag, this baby-faced pig was so brazen and so sloppy while conducting these rights-violating traffic stops, searches and subsequent arrests, that he was thankfully caught at a fairly early point in his short law enforcement career. This little idiot got caught because he was overzealous, sloppy and just downright unintelligent in his disregard for the 4th amendment. However, to me, cases like these illustrate the sad reality of how institutionalized this kind of behavior and unapologetic misconduct is within the ranks of all law enforcement agencies. Most of these dirty cops are much more careful and are not as inexplicably reckless as this baby-faced sociopath was. Making the unfortunate reality of institutionalized police corruption that much more harrowing with very scary implications as far as the commonality of this kind of misconduct.

I suspect that Frietag was given some bad advice by another officer who likely bragged to him about all the various unethical practices that he was constantly getting away with. This gave Mr. Alex Freitag the false impression that being a police officer came with much more leeway and avoidance of accountability than in reality. He was just too dumb to stay under the radar while trashing the rights of the civilians he terrorized. Pinning crimes on innocent civilians in his desperation to turn them into confidential informants so he could impress his bosses. But he instead made them look like idiots and exposed a whole slew of corruption within the ranks of his department by hanging his superiors and even the D.A. out to dry. A department that is now getting ready to hang him out to dry.

The F.B.I. is currently investigating 400 different arrests that were made by this corrupt little chode which ALL appear to have been made with an egregious disregard for the law and the civil liberties of the suspects/victims. All 400 convictions have been thrown out!

In the interview below you can hear him throw all his superiors and even the D.A. under the bus by claiming he was told by them to leave out pertinent information in his reports. Claiming this was something that was well known to the prosecutors handling the cases and was common practice among other officers.

Guess what Jonathan? Or “Alex” I should say. From here on out for the rest of your worthless life, whenever anyone Googles your name, they are going to get search results for articles like mine, which expose you as the societal bacteria infection that you are. Good luck with that bro.

ASD Docs had done several awesome videos on this guy which included a phone conversation with him but had since removed all of his Jonathan “Alex” Freitag videos for whatever reason. Quite annoying if he self censored. It might have been Freitag who whined to YouTube and was able to get them pulled via some copyright technicality.

Published on Apr 29, 2021

More than 400 convictions involving suspected racist cop in Virginia could be overturned. Jonathan Freitag, 25, is accused of making up reasons to pull people over and planting drugs in their vehicles in Fairfax County, the Washington Post reported.

Freitag has not been criminally charged, though he is being investigated, according to the Post. The allegations were revealed Friday as attorneys worked to free an ex-firefighter sentenced to three years in prison based on a Freitag traffic stop. Elon Wilson, a former Washington, D.C., firefighter, is the only person still locked up based on Freitag’s suspected misconduct, the Associated Press reported.

Wilson’s defense attorneys and county prosecutors both argued for his release Friday. Freitag stopped Wilson, a 23-year-old Black man, on April 3, 2018, and said he swerved over the center yellow line, according to the Post. Freitag then searched Wilson’s car and allegedly found drugs and a gun. Facing a maximum of 10 years in prison, Wilson took a plea deal in 2019, in which he maintained his innocence but admitted he’d probably be convicted given the evidence, local radio station WTOP reported. The deal sent Wilson to prison for three years, and he lost his job. A passenger under age 18 claimed the drugs and gun, the Post reported. That person’s case was later dropped. #JonathanFreitag#ElonWilson#Thejunkyardnews

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