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CCP Pushes Ahead with Mandatory Vaccinations. Human Rights Catastrophe Imminent in Secretive & Forbidden Chinese Mainland

This is what a CCP propoganda account looks like.

GNEWS is obviously a Chinese site, but NOT a CCP-run site. It shouldn’t surprise anyone that there are a lot of Chinese people who hate their Marxist overlords with a passion and this site is about as critical of the Chinese Communist regime as anyone else out there. So I’ll roll with them and I don’t wanna hear about how they should be immediately discredited as cointelpro simply because it’s run by Chinese journalists. That’s racist and there are plenty of great sources in China. Though I would imagine that most of these writers have fled to a foreign country by now in order to avoid getting sent to a concentration camp for being dissidents of the CCP.

I don’t think most truly realize just how corrupt, inhumane and secretive the Chinese Communist Party is and just how isolated and remote much of country is. Foreigners can’t even visit mainland China without special permission and much of the county is deemed “forbidden”. I mean they literally have an official “Forbidden Zone” like in “Planet of the Apes”. That’s where all those hidden pyramids are in Qin Lin County. We were lucky to even get pictures of these ancient pyramids that were taken in the 90’s. My Chinese friend Peggy used to say that she wouldn’t be caught dead visiting anywhere in mainland China and likely wouldn’t even be allowed to venture far into the interior of the country if she tried. Mainland China is a shocking and horrific place where the abuses towards the Chinese people by the CCP are rivaled only by the torturous abuses towards animals by the Chinese people themselves.

No one should be surprised that China is mandating the vaccine. Like here in the U.S. and anywhere else, they have a large contingency of dumbasses who have been scrambling to seek out and get one of these jabs without having to be coerced at all. But there will be plenty of people who will avoid getting jabbed at all costs and it’s likely going to be a human rights catastrophe of epic proportions once the CCP starts hunting down and force-innoculating these dissident citizens. Many will likely get locked up in one of their Covid-jails or suffer an even worse fate. But it would be no different than the fate they would suffer from receiving the jab to begin with, so I would encourage the Chinese population to get out ahead of this and start planning for a life on the run or figure out a way to blackmail or bribe local health officials into giving you vaccine verification papers without having actually gotten the jab. Most of those workers are underpaid and may have vices or lifestyles that are easily exploitable. The ends justify the means in this case. Though I’m pretty sure my site is blocked in China. But I would never encourage my American counterparts to break any laws to do the same. Never….😀 That would be illegal and we don’t condone illegal acts.

Censoring journalists is kind of a specialty of the Chinese Communist Party. It’s tough to get rid of Communism once it embeds itself in a country because of the way it enriches those loyal to the regime while oppressing the majority of the remaining population.

Source: Author: Xu Proof reader: April on Earth | GNEWS / 2021-06-09 09:20

CCP Pushes Ahead with Mandatory Vaccinations

by 秘密翻译组G-Translators | GNEWS / 2021-06-09 09:20

Author: Xu
Translator: Lynn
Proofreader: April on Earth

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The CCP has extended the injection scheme of the new coronavirus vaccine to everyone above 3 years old

“Take as you go! The new coronavirus vaccine, take as you go!”

In June, a loudspeaker was placed at the Longyang Road Metro Station in Shanghai to inform everyone that the new coronavirus vaccine can be taken right at the location. With red propaganda banners, enthusiastic volunteers, fully equipped medical staff members, clean mobile vaccination vehicles, and repeated broadcasts saying no need to wait, it seems difficult to find a reason to refuse the vaccines.

In many places across the country, citizens have lined up, rushed and fought for the vaccines. As long as you are not vaccinated, community members, neighborhood committees, bosses at your company will take turns to call or knock on your door to persuade. Relatives and friends around you may even join the persuasion team spontaneously. They coerced and lured, and some even threatened: “You will be unable to get out without being vaccinated, you will be unable to get on to the plane or the high-speed rail.” “In the future you will be charged to get vaccinated.”

The formation of these public opinions is due to the fact that the CCP has successively introduced some policies or regulations for those who are not vaccinated, and has also included people’s vaccination status in the health code, in order to introduce travel restrictions to these people. Due to pressure from various departments of the Chinese Communist government, some communities had publicly claimed that those who have not been vaccinated or cannot be vaccinated will be subject to stricter monitoring in the future. Many companies or institutions restrict employees to engage in relevant jobs without being vaccinated, including the catering, express delivery, transportation, and medical industries. This is to respond to the government’s call of “should give/take (vaccines) as much as possible.” Those who are unwilling to be vaccinated need to go to the hospital and obtain relevant certificates in order to waive the vaccination, and agree to relevant legal responsibilities. After consulting, doctors in several hospitals said that such a certificate could not be issued, and that only the doctor who is giving the vaccination can decide the vaccine should be given at the scene.

Mr Zhong Nanshan, a famous academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering, once publicly stated that only a 70%-80% vaccination rate can form a herd immunity barrier. He declared that China’s environment is great, as the management of overseas imports is strict. China is actually dangerous when it opens its door to the world. Therefore, he has repeatedly urged everyone to get the coronavirus vaccine as soon as possible, and expects that China will reach 80% of vaccine coverage by the end of this year. This academician Zhong was highly praised by the CCP during the fight against the pandemic last year, and enjoyed high prestige and trust among the masses.

According to the Chinese Communist Party’s coronavirus vaccination technical guidelines (first edition) and the local government departments, people who are over 60 years old, or women who are pregnant or breastfeeding can also be vaccinated, and they will not be affected at all. It is also common nowadays that people who have high blood pressure are marked as normal and persuaded by medical staff to take the vaccinations. Today, the CCP has approved the emergency use of the vaccine to the age as young as to 3 years old, and claiming that the oldest vaccinated person is over one hundred years old!

Before vaccination, an informed consent form and a voluntary vaccine-undertaking agreement must be signed. The informed consent form states that the protective effect of any vaccine cannot reach 100%. A small number of people may not benefit from the protective effect after vaccination or are still susceptible to the disease, which is related to personal physique. The personal voluntary vaccine-commitment agreement clearly stated that although the incidence of serious complications after the vaccination is extremely low, there are life-threatening situations and possibility of death or disability. The signatory themself shall bear the risk in this respect. As we all know, medical care in China is not free, especially after signing this kind of agreement. If an issue happens on the spot, people may be rescued for free, whereas any follow-up treatment or problems that occur after the 30-minute observation period will be the responsibility of the person themselves.

According to the latest update of the coronavirus vaccination released by the National Health Commission of China, as of June 5, 2021, 31 provinces (autonomous regions and municipalities) and the Xinjiang Production and Construction Corps have reported a total of 763.065 million doses of the vaccine. In addition, the CCP also announced that it will fulfill its commitment to make vaccines a public product, and has supplied a total of 300 million doses of vaccines to the world.

Following the whistleblower movement and the revelation by Dr. Limeng Yan who escaped from the laboratory of the University of Hong Kong, more and more people realized that the new coronavirus is an intentional release by the CCP to poison the world. There would be no vaccine until the true sequence of the virus was found. Many countries, including China, have seen serious adverse reaction cases to the corona vaccine, and even deaths (the CCP has not admitted there are deaths after vaccination through official channels). There are also cases of re-infection after full-dose vaccination, and serious cases of immune self-attack due to more severe ADE reactions after vaccination.

Currently the CCP publicly disseminates and uses the concept of overseas import, and pointing fingers at other countries, deliberately concealing that the outbreak site was in Wuhan. Almost all patient zeros from all countries in the world can be traced back to a history of living in Wuhan or contact with someone with a history of living in Wuhan. The CCP brainwashes and intimidates the people, so that they have to put their lives at risk in exchange for poor wages. The CCP creates discrimination, various life problems and health threats to those who choose not to take vaccines. It also exported vaccines to other innocent countries in the world in an attempt to use the pandemic to build a so-called “community of shared future.”

Hope that the international community could pay attention to and condemn the push for vaccine passports and mandatory vaccinations, and take actions to pressure the CCP to hand over the real virus sequence as soon as possible. If we do not take down the CCP, the virus will not stop.

Source: 中共强制推行注射疫苗

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