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12 Year Old Says Doctors Tried To Force Him To Take the Jab

So we have doctors surrounding and swarming 12 year old children in doctors offices in an attempt to force plunge a needle into the kids arm. Thankfully they didn’t succeed, but every single one of those doctors and nurses should be in handcuffs right now. If I had it my way they’d suffer a far worse fate than confinement. I don’t think these people realize that the government whom they are shilling for is not going to stick around to have their backs in the long run and they are likely going to find themselves in a precarious situation where they’ll find themselves vulnerable, alone and hung out to dry. Those they’ve wronged finding themselves now suddenly able to seek stinging retribution for the abuses levied against them by these oath breaking fucktard physicians, boot-licking law enforcement officials and alphabet agency bureaucrats. They are going to get badly messed up and no one will be coming to save them from the wrath of those who’s lives they’ve ruined. I’ve been making all sorts of lists in my head since this thing first started and I intend on crossing off some names once the social fabric deteriorates to the point that I’m able to carry out the appropriate punishments in the manner I have in mind. Mad Max style…

12 Year Old Says Doctors Tried To Force Him To Take the Jab (VIDEO)

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