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CHACHARLEMAGNE THE GOD, DEAD AT AGE 42(Kinda) | the God is a Character Wearing a Silicone Mask Like Everyone Else on the Breakfast Club

While I do believe that Charlemagne is a character and not a real person, like just about everyone in show biz, I don’t hear the voice similarity between him and Antwann Turner that “I Exposed the Emcees” does. But I only heard a short clip.

He mentions that Concious X did a video on Charlemagne too, but it must have gotten yanked because I can’t find it anywhere. Concious X has been exposing this practice of silicone mask wearing celebrities at a frenzied pace of late and I LOVE how hard he’s going. He’s got these celebs up against the ropes. I fully support both these channels in getting the word out for the need to publicy expose this eery and sickening practice of outfitting actors with silicone masks to play fake characters. It’s getting ridiculous and it makes it way too easy to literally dispose of people and is nothing more than the sanctioning of hardcore fraud, identity theft and arguably has matriculated to a level that resembles borderline racketeering at the hands of all the record company big shots who oversee the whole operation.

Was there ever an original Charlamagne that was murdered and replaced? I actually don’t think so. I believe he’s been a MK-Ultra controlled character from the start. He’s one of the alters of Antwan Tanner who may very well be playing many more characters for all we know.

Charlemagne looks like a doll when you really take the time to examine all his different photos and his infinite spectrum of skin colors and textures. I can DEFINITELY see the guy above being fitted with a Charlamagne silicone mask and playing the part.

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