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Ted Talk on Normalization of Pedophilia Quickly Removed From YouTube in Attempt at Damage Control | Satanic OTO SJW “Code Witch” & Google / TEDx says respect pedos or be “enforced”

All the top tech CEOS are likely pedos themselves and it looks like they got a bit delusional and jumped the gun on trying to normalize this shit. Not that any point in the future would be appropriate. But in their minds they’ve been planning to do this for some time I would imagine. Though the radical left has been working on this angle for a while now, so we shouldn’t be keeled over from shock that they attempted this.

The women giving the presentation is NOT human. No way Jose. That’s a robot.

Source: https://153news.net/watch_video.php?v=SRSO63M74966

Satanic OTO SJW “Code Witch” & Google / TEDx says respect pedos or be “enforced”

Paedophilia has been normalized. Google / Mozilla and 40k other open-source projects thanks to github forcing new projects to ask if they want to adopt a #OrdoTempliOrentis Satanic Transgender Gay dad Drafted “Creator Covenant” aka Code of Conduct means that all working in IT must respect pedophiles on and off duty or face “enforcement”. Some (myself included) already have been banned from IT support Infrastructure for their comments on IRC and in other public places. From Ex Wasington Times Reporter Robert Stacy McCain


Corey Emke will get his follow up article now me thinks: https://gab.ai/ozzieslovepedos/posts/26712574

Here was my tip off to make him write up a Satanic OTO Transgender SJW who is forcing paedophilia normalization on us all: https://gab.ai/ozzieslovepedos/posts/26372945

Also see https://8ch.net/pol/res/11616373.html to see how the saga started and how sick the Ordo Templi Orentis is mandating children to join the Gnostic Catholic Mass Orgy Ritual.

This will go viral soon at least in the IT world: https://twitter.com/pmjones/status/1002186358813798401 

Give this guy a retweet as a show of respect before fighting it before me! https://twitter.com/pmjones/status/981260019793526784

Remember if you do anti-paedophilia activism, the pedo trolls / kiwifarms Garry Burns affiliated stalker scum bastement dwellers will come for you.

To see what is going on in Australia right now, regarding free speech and it’s links to paedophilia rights activists, please do check out: https://8ch.net/pol/res/11727608.html

All 8chan links are mirrored in archive.isPlease follow http://gab.ai/ozzieslovepedos and http://twitter.com/StopBoyLover (whilst it lasts)Please read this and petition TED to stop saying paedophilia is a sexual orientation as it’s getting people fired from their jobs, or blocked from Opensource development projects and is giving power to Satanic SJW OTO child sex normalization activists getting paid $240k a year from github, just bought by M$



A week ago TEDx Talks YouTube channel uploaded a talk where a woman tried explaining that “pedophilia is a natural sexual orientation, just like heterosexuality”. The video went viral and got thousands of thumbs down, and the comment section was full of people demanding blood. TEDx Talks then deleted the video, trying to quietly sweep it under the rug. After they did that, a video mirror was uploaded and the video had almost 15k views in under 24 hours. It had gone viral and outrage was spreading all across the Internet. It was waking normies up hard. The fire was rising, fast. Youtube just completely deleted the video at the request of TED.com representatives. Here are their emails (why don’t you shoot them an email and ask them why they are promoting pedophilia as a “natural sexual orientation”?): frederica@ted.comcynamen@ted.comdistribution@ted.com

TED Talks are all licensed under the Creative Commons license, which means it is not a copyright violation to reupload and share them, which many youtube channels regularly do. This is a clear indication of censorship and an attempt to scrub this pro-pedophilia TEDx Talk under the rug. It’s time to unleash the Streisand Effect and let the world know that TED is helping push a pedophile normalization agenda that includes reclassifying pedophilia as a “natural sexual orientation”.We are holding TED’s feet to the fire on this one. They realized they pushed too hard and too soon with their pedophile agenda and that the backlash was radicalizing normies. We are going to force TED to either officially disavow the video (rather than just quietly sweeping it under the rug), or force them to reinstate the video. We aren’t going to let them just pretend this never happened.Another mirror of the video (just got shoahd too, still viewable at hooktube fornow):


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