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YahushuaBenDavid – Lauren Pritchard(Lilith) “Drama” More Entertaining Than Ever | Bad News About “Enter the Stars”, Just Another Copykat Shill

Watching Lilith attempt to “infiltrate” YahushuaBenDavid is like watching a studdering retard attempt to audition for a role in Shakespeare production on Broadway.

LILITH MAKES LOKI THREATS AT ME: loki= low-key – lucifer king of asguard = king of ass-guard , thor is lucifer , thors hammer is lucifer ding dong
lilith is the red dragon = red queen @lucy330113
THE MOTHER OF THE HIVE MIND CICADA 3301 , THECICADASEMERGING NOW: remeber thier are only real 100 humans left , 8 billion non humans on earth compared to 100 real humans meaning 99.9 percent of people on you tube are lucifers children they are all connected on the hive mind saturn cube they all share one cosnciousness like the borg when one does soemthing they all do it , lucifers hive mind children also swarm , if one hivemind attacks you all the opthers feel it and they will come to help out thier hivemind no matter how far away they are,
example if your in the gym and you get in a fight with one hive mind all the other hiveminds in the gym will attack you to


Following the drama that surrounds YahushuaBenDavid is probably the most entertaining activity one can engage in on the internet. A lot of people email me thinking that I’m YahushuaBenDavid because of how often I feature his videos. I thought I had made it pretty clear that we are not the same person, but just to make it official, no, I’m not him, nor do I claim ownership of any of the insights put forth in his videos. I certainly agree with much of what he puts out, but I hate content creators who plagiarize others and I’m not going to represent any of his content as my own like so many other YT shills do. In fact, we’ve never even spoken. But I do think his videos are awesome, and if I were to make videos, I’m sure there would be some striking similarities in our personalities. But I don’t have nearly the knowledge base that he does and am still puzzled as to how he acquires so much insight.

On a side note, if you are reading this YahushuaBenDavid, get yourself a browser with YouTube AD blocking extensions! LOL. I don’t tolerate YT ADS on any of my devices, you shouldn’t either.

I was keeled over crying when he was making fun of Lauren Pritchard for her touretttes lisp. I didn’t realize how often he battles it out with all these Lilth avatars in the comments sections of their videos. They seem to be really offended by his “bullying”. LOL. What a stupid bitch Lauren Pritchard is. Listening to her babble is not something I was able to put up with for more than 30 seconds. Her bizzare mannerisms combined with her unwarranted arrogance and steadfast sociopathic delusions of granduer where she’s annointed herself as some kind of normal and likable hero to humanity, makes for one of the more off-putting attempts at a human avatar that I’ve ever seen the architects of the Demiurge attempt to put out there. She can’t even hide her lizard tongue and openly admits to being the AntiChrist. Here’s a tip for the Demiurge engineers: take a belt sander the corners of the jawline of these Robotoid trannies before you try passing them off as female, or even as human for that matter. Though, with how gullible most of “humanity” has proven to be, I can’t blame you for your sloppiness.

He also pointed out that Enter the Stars is one of the many channels who systematically copy his content. I can see how easy it would be to rip off his content and claim it as your own since his YouTube channels are taken out almost immediately and there are only a handful of followers on his BitChute channel. I can’t say that “I knew” Casey from Enter the Stars was an avatar for the enemy, because I didn’t see that one at all. He had me completely fooled up until yesterday when YahushuaBenDavid showed without a shadow of a doubt that the guy rips off his content on the reg. How hard is it to just cite the original creator? You don’t see me claiming that any of these videos or the information contained within is anything other than the the original work of YahushuaBenDavid. Only a psychotic sociopath would try getting away with such a blatant deceptive practice. Unfortunately he can’t claim any copyright infringement on YouTube because they’ve made sure to delete any of his YouTube videos that would prove where the information originally came from.

I guess that’s kinda what the agents of the Demiurge are known for. Attempting to make bootleg copies of anything original in their neverending quest to usurp the creator God. They rip off anything original that an authentic human might have created and then desperately try to pass it off as their own brilliant insight.

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