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YahushuaBenDavid – DEMON ON YOU TUBE POSING AS A HUMAN WITH MULTIPLE ACCOUNTS , SENDING ME INNAPROPIATE MESSAGES (VIDEO) | Casey From Enter the Stars Responds to Accusations of Plagiarism

Thanks to Renee from AK for the generous donation last night. 

If it seems like I’ve been obsessed with YahushuaBenDavid’s videos lately, it’s because I am. He’s seriously one of the few content creators out there that I am sure is an actual human being. If I were to make videos(maybe I’ll start soon), you’d see why I resonate with his stuff. He has the same unapologetic style where nothing is held back in any kind of attempt to seem relatable. Only sociopaths care about how they come across to others. He doesn’t give a shit the same way I don’t give a shit. He’s just pouring it out there in the open. Take it or leave it.

Plus the drama surrounding his battles with these Demonic parasites on social media is enthralling. I actually joined in for a brief moment during one of his jests with Lilith/Lauren Pritchard. But I’m not going to keep at it. As evil as Lilith now is, she too was once good and is just another victim herself of Lucifers debauchery when she was stolen away from the Garden of Eden. So I’m just going to leave her be. I still feel bad for her because I’m human. At least I think I am. According to Ben, there are only 120 humans left on earth, so I guess the odds are not in my favor if we take his stats.

I did take a shot at Casey from Enter the Stars for ripping off YahushuaBenDavid though. That one hurt. Realizing what Casey truly is. I should have seen it though. The Fallen Angels are referred to as “stars”. I’m an idiot. I’m going to have to go with Ben on this one. What am I getting myself into? LOL. Gonna be praying extra often. Have a feeling there will be some entities not too happy with me. I probably should give Casey the benefit of the doubt for the time being. I’ll need to look into this further. What’s true is true. Casey does a masterful job at diffusing the situation and not provoking me further. I’ll give him that. Almost to an eery extent. I wouldn’t fuck with me either. I read back some of the stuff I write when I’m going off and even I’m taken back by how savage I can get. Not necessarily the best look though. I’m so exasperated by this shit I really just don’t care what I say anymore. Everything is one big deception. It’s exhausting.

That was quite the long answer. Though he has responded to me just about every time I’ve ever commented on his videos. I wish I had all that time on my hands to put towards this stuff.


this demon is copying me and mocking me
this is ENALPEKAF’S disclaimer in the comment section of his you tube videos blow please read
!!!!!!!!! { This video is fictional and a comedy everything in this video is a joke for fantasy purposes only!!!!!!!! this was taken from ENALPEKAFS you tube video comments }
This video is fictional and a comedy everything in this video is a joke for fantasy purposes only !!!!!!! this line is what I used as a disclaimer in all of my yahushua ben david videos , so this ENALPEKAF demon is copying me and mocking me


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