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Morgellons Live

CHANNEL: Morgellons Live

Morgellons Live” is an interesting and educationally useful channel. I hesitate to call it anything other than educational because of its malevolent transhumanist comportment, which is what the AntiChrist is all about.

Banned from YouTube of course. Lots of interesting stuff here. TOPICS INCLUDE: Morgellons, Programmable Matters(Semi Synthetic Life), he exposes fake-ass “Christian “ruthers” who are really foaming at the mouth Demons, Mechanisms of the Holographic Saturn Matrix “Reality”, and a and many other obscure mind-bending takes on the nature of our reality.

Gatekeeper shills love to copy her content and misrepresent it as their own. Lots of drama as you’ll see.

Bitchute: Morgellons Live – The Machine

MorgellonsLive video . All this information is posted , I have hours of information to help you detox from Morgellons and target pacific BioWeapons infections including HIV a co infection you all have as the Black Plague , I have help for that , watch listen to the videos , the more detoxed you are the less they can harm you even more than they already have

I see he’s also had his own dealings with fake ass Demonic “Narrative Gatekeepers” who pose as “Christian Truthers”. I’m no stranger to that paridigm and might have just realized a new addition to that classification of deceptive jackasses in Casey from “Enter the Stars”. But I’m still going to give Casey the benefit on the doubt, or at the very least a bit of leeway for the time being until I really take a good look into how extensive this alleged plagiarism was and how much of YahushuaBenDavid’s original content has been emulated in some extent immediately after he puts out the video. Casey is by no means the only one that’s been accused of doing this to Ben. And to Casey: I don’t want to hear any bullshit about the Holy Spirit telling both of you guys the same highly specific and obscure Occult synchronicity at the exact same time. Did he decide to wait 24 hours after telling Ben to then tell you?



I don’t think a true Christian would have it in them to be this vulgar, inarticulate and unpersuasive all at the same time in an effort to defend themselves against slander. If you’re in the right, there is never a reason to have to go far off the rails like “DEMON HUNTER” did. That was scary. I totally understand dropping a strategically inserted vulgarity here and there to emphasize certain points. But this was psychotic behavior.

Semi Synthetic (VIDEO)

Bitchute Link


Years and Years of stalking should now be exposed , what are the choices now ? This GateKeeper is the worst troll ever .

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