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Pretty Damn Scary Vaccine Passport PSA

At least we got Ron DeSantis making it hard for these Globalist asswipes to implement these passport schemes.

It says, “Will You Submit?”. I won’t, and many others won’t, but unfortunately it doesn’t take too many who are willing to go along with these plans for vaccine passports in order to ruin it for the rest of us. Many people simply don’t want to “lose” the security of their current lifestyles. Even if it eventually costs them their literal life.

Luckily for us here in the states, we will have the luxury of being able to watch Europe as the “Canary in the Coal Mine” of sorts as it relates to vaccine passports, since they will be the first to roll out such protocols, giving us a free preview of the chaos that ensues from such a bullshit new law. Possible Civil War in France or Italy?

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